One Million Deliveries and Counting: Elite EXTRA’s Delivery Network Triumph

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Launched in 2019, Elite EXTRA’s Delivery Network has recently achieved a remarkable milestone: surpassing one million deliveries completed! This achievement prompts a closer look at the network’s functionality and the extensive efforts invested behind the scenes. From inception to execution, every step has been pivotal in reaching this impressive milestone, showcasing the network’s commitment to excellence and innovation.

What is Delivery Network?

The Delivery Network is a solution that seamlessly connects users with a diverse range of third-party providers via a centralized platform. From local courier services to expansive crowdsourced fleets such as DoorDash and Uber, the platform connects users to millions of third-party drivers across the country. Designed to prioritize user satisfaction, the platform facilitates clear comparison of delivery providers, empowering users to select the optimal option based on delivery time and cost considerations.

Major Features of Delivery Network:

  • Real-time provider cost & time comparisons
  • No individual contracts required with the providers
  • Centralized billing
  • Delivery provider analytics
  • Delivery automation
  • And much more!

Benefits Breakdown

Leveraging third party delivery services can have a plethora of benefits, but what makes Delivery Network unique is that it was designed with user experience at the forefront. Without getting too deep, the benefits of Delivery Network can be broken down into three major pillars: time, cost savings, and flexibility. Let’s dive in!


Delivery Network not only empowers you to accomplish extra deliveries throughout the day, it also allows you to complete them faster than ever. Remarkably, a recent study conducted among our top Delivery Network users revealed unanimous consensus on this benefit being hailed as the greatest advantage to using the solution. That is because the time saving benefits expand tenfold across your operations.

It all starts in-house; by outsourcing your deliveries, you’re freeing up valuable time for your employees, boosting productivity and propelling the progression of your business. In addition, the ripple effects of this time saved extend outward, positively impacting customer satisfaction levels. As your team refines its focus on core tasks, you’re better equipped to deliver exceptional service—resulting in happier, more loyal customers who recognize and appreciate your commitment to excellence. It doesn’t hurt that their packages are arriving quicker either!

Cost Savings

Maintaining and operating a fleet demands significant resources and financial investment. Between vehicle acquisition, upkeep, and compensating drivers, the costs accumulate quickly. Joining the Delivery Network helps you eliminate those overhead costs, offering a cost-effective and sustainable solution. A considerable portion of our users find that integrating their existing fleet with Delivery Network offers an optimal solution. This strategic blend allows them to bypass the need for one or two full-time drivers, leading to annual savings surpassing $120,000.

Beyond that, the structure of Delivery Network positions you to capitalize on substantial savings. With the ability to compare provider costs, you retain the autonomy to prioritize affordability–an invaluable advantage for budget-conscious businesses. Moreover, many of our clients find that the cost-per-delivery is often lower through Delivery Network as well. Finally, with billing structured on a pay-per-delivery basis for users of our Routing and Dispatch software, you exclusively pay for the deliveries you execute, ensuring optimal cost efficiency.


Flexibility in the Delivery Network shines through in your capability to adjust the solution to fit your business’s demands. This entails sidestepping burdensome contracts and shielding your enterprise from the impact of price fluctuations. By placing the power of choice squarely in your hands, providers are driven to continually vie for your business, ensuring a competitive landscape where your needs are paramount. Here are some notable highlights:

  • Single contract & billing for multiple providers
  • Protection from disruptions: No exclusive partnerships mitigate risks of provider failures or unwarranted price increases
  • Flexibility and choice: Empowers you to select the most suitable delivery option every time, enhancing control over time and budget constraints

Who Are Your Providers?

We’re glad you asked! Our Delivery Network is made up of the most diligent and reliable providers out there. However, the solution is ever-evolving so we are constantly adding new providers, updating the user interface, and expanding features. Here’s a bit more information on our latest providers:

Note: Provider availability is subject to change based on zip codes. Contact us today to see which providers are available in your area!

Types of Deliveries Offered

Each delivery presents its unique set of challenges and requirements, which is why we’ve meticulously curated our Delivery Network to encompass providers with diverse capabilities. This ensures that regardless of the complexity or specificity of your needs, you’ll always find the ideal solution within our network. Let’s take a closer look at the specifics:

  • Number of Stops: Single stop, multi-stop, we’ve got it all! Whether you need a quick transfer or a whole delivery route completed, you can rely on Delivery Network.
  • Types of Vehicles: We’ve got a broad selection of vehicles, including: sedans, SUVs, pickup trucks, cargo vans, box trucks and flatbed semis.
  • Delivery Range: Provider dependent, you can complete deliveries as little as a block away all the way up to 250 miles or more!
  • Hours of Service: Our delivery network runs 24/7 so that means you can continue completing your orders well after your staff has left for the day!

How It Works

Navigating the Delivery Network is a seamless and intuitive experience, designed to simplify your logistics process. The platform can be paired with our Routing and Dispatch solution, used as a stand-alone product, or even be integrated as an eCommerce solution. Here’s how it works:

  1. Begin by seamlessly integrating your orders onto the platform, ensuring a smooth transition of information.
  2. Dispatch your orders to the Delivery Network with ease, initiating the process of finding the optimal provider for your specific needs.
  3. Delve into the selection process, where you’ll have the opportunity to consider various providers and choose the one best suited to your requirements—whether it’s based on speed, cost, or other criteria.
  4. With your provider selected, prepare your deliveries for pick-up, confident in the knowledge that your logistics needs are in capable hands.

During the entire process, you retain full visibility of your driver’s progress, allowing you to track each delivery and confirm its successful completion using our advanced Proof of Delivery (POD) technology. Beyond these fundamental features, our platform offers extensive customization options tailored to your specific preferences. From setting rules and budget limits to selecting preferred providers and even automating route building and dispatching, you have the flexibility to modify the platform to suit your unique requirements with ease.

Key Statistics

Since its inception, the Delivery Network has steadily gained momentum. Now, with over five years of comprehensive data at our disposal, let’s delve into the noteworthy statistics that highlight the platform’s performance and impact:

  • Industries: Since 2019, we’ve helped deliver in countless industries. Amongst them, our greatest usage is in automotive aftermarket, wholesale automotive, couriers, pharmaceuticals, and heavy truck.
  • Average Number of Deliveries a Week: 22,500 deliveries
  • Average Cost Per Delivery: $12.37
  • Average Distance Per Delivery: 10 miles

Dive deeper into the world of last mile logistics by downloading our latest white papers for free!

Honors Received

2022 marked a significant triumph for the Delivery Network as it clinched the prestigious Edison Award, cementing its status as a trailblazing and innovative solution. This esteemed recognition underscores the platform’s groundbreaking contributions to the logistics landscape, validating its commitment to revolutionizing delivery services.

Getting Started

Now that you’ve gained insight into the capabilities and benefits of our Delivery Network, take the next step towards optimizing your logistical operations. Reach out to us to begin leveraging the power of our platform and discover firsthand how we can streamline your delivery processes, enhance efficiency, and drive success for your business. Get started today!

Mallorie Barabas

Mallorie Barabas


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