Case Study: Power Players of Delivery Network

by | Nov 27, 2023 | White Papers

Case Study: Power Players of Delivery Network

Examining the Impacts of Diligent Use of Elite EXTRA’s Delivery Network

An infographic highlighting the key stats from the Delivery Network case study

Following extensive development over the years, our Delivery Network now integrates with a diverse range of delivery providers and a growing user base. Within that user base, there is a select group that uses our network daily. To fully understand the extent of the benefits Delivery Network can provide, we turned to them to hear their experiences. 

We coined the term “power players” for these users, all of whom diligently use Delivery Network on a daily basis. To ensure a variety of experiences, we intentionally selected power players from varying geographical locations, roles, company sizes, and years of experience with Delivery Network. 

Once the meetings were set, we asked each of them a list of questions about their delivery operations before and after Delivery Network, covering themes like time, cost, customer experience, and more.

This case study white paper dives deep into the responses of these “power players” to uncover how the regular use of Delivery Network has revolutionized their last-mile deliveries and generated tangible returns on investment.

Thank you to our users who took part in the case study:

  • Robert Goldenstein, District Manager, (National Automotive Retailer)
  • Anthony Gonzalez, Director of Parts Sales, Tom’s Truck Center
  • Gilberto Pimentel, Multiple Store Manager, Dunn Edwards
  • Ron Goins, General Manager, Riker’s Automotive & Tire
  • Eric Hijar, Operations Manager, (National Automotive Retailer)
  • Tony Ralston-Kerr, District Manager, (National Automotive Retailer)

Even with full confidence in the Delivery Network, their insights were still better than we could have hoped. See for yourself by downloading the white paper below:

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