Deliver On-Demand With Third-Party Delivery Services

A feature of Elite EXTRA Delivery Network

Deliver with the nation’s top third-party fleets like DoorDash, Uber, Roadie, Frayt and more through Elite EXTRA’s Delivery Network.

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By signing up on the Delivery Network, you will automatically connect with the nation’s top fleets to offer you third-party delivery services. Billing, support, and setup is handled by us!


For every delivery, compare cost and time estimates of multiple delivery services on-the-fly. Don’t get locked into a single provider, choose the best option every time!


Allow the delivery service that you choose to handle the pickup and delivery of your products. Don’t worry, you and your customers will be kept informed throughout the entire process

Connecting with third-party delivery services made easy

Instead of partnering with just one delivery service, connect to multiple of the nation’s top third-party fleets instantly by signing up for the Delivery Network

Third-Party Delivery Service Benefits

A Feature of Delivery Network

Compare multiple delivery services

Offer same-day customer delivery

Hands-free billing and support

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Delivery Network Benefits

Third-Party Delivery Platform

On-demand third-party delivery

Provider price/time comparisons

Central contracting & billing

Looking to deliver with third-party delivery services?

The future of delivery is here

Streamline and scale delivery operations with third-party delivery

Third party deliveries

Millions of delivery drivers

Delivery automation

Central contracting and billing

Provider price/time comparisons

Business rules setting

Preferred providers

Delivery provider analytics

Crowdsourced delivery


And much more!

Last mile delivery challenges are a thing of the past, want to learn how?

Frequently asked questions

Have questions about connecting with third-party delivery services through Elite EXTRA’s Delivery Network?

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What fleets can deliver for me through the Delivery Network?

Some of the top third-party fleets that deliver through our Delivery Network include DoorDash, Uber, Roadie, Frayt, Curri, Go Share and Walmart GoLocal.

Also, any local/regional carriers or couriers that you work with can be added into the network as options to use for delivery. Just let us know, and we can begin working with these companies to get them integrated into the Delivery Network.

We are continually adding new third-party delivery services to our network which means even more delivery options for you and your customers. Third-party provider availability is subject to your location, and we will connect you with the top fleets in your area.

How does Delivery Network connect my company with delivery services?

Delivery Network is a third-party delivery platform that does all of the leg-work of partnering with third-party delivery services for you. We build the API integrations, negotiate the partnership agreements, handle payments, etc.

Because of this, all you have to do is select the providers available in your area that you want to deliver with, and they will be listed as options to send orders to within the Delivery Network. Our integrations with these delivery services will handle the sending of order information, route updates, and more. Meanwhile, we aggregate all of the payments for using these fleets and send it as a single invoice on a month-by-month basis.

Why use Delivery Network instead of partnering with delivery services directly?

Industry experiences have shown that the one-to-one partnership model for third-party delivery is flawed. Under this model, companies are often at the mercy of delivery service providers and have little control over pricing, timing, etc.

The Delivery Network model allows companies to connect with multiple delivery providers and choose the best option for each delivery–rather than having to rely on just one. These providers give you options that increase the flexibility of what you can deliver by providing a wide-range of delivery vehicles, service-levels, routing options and more.

Check out this white paper to see a more in-depth analysis of the differences between the one-to-one and Delivery Network models of 3PL.

How does contracting and billing work with these third-party delivery services?

A major benefit of using Delivery Network to connect with third-party delivery services is that you don’t have to individually set up contracts and billing with each provider. Through the Delivery Network, Elite EXTRA handles all of the contracts and billing, so setup is a breeze for you and your team.

What happens if there are issues with the pickup or delivery?

If there are issues with a pickup or delivery while using the Delivery Network, simply reach out to Elite EXTRA’s award-winning, in-house support team. Our team will handle working with the third-party providers to resolve any issues.

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