Using Lean Supply Chain Practices to Maximize Efficiency

by | Jun 1, 2022 | Blog, Industry Insights

Supply chain

A lean supply chain is an operating model that focuses on distributing goods to the end consumer. The concept applies minimal waste management, allowing flexibility to adapt to unexpected delays.

Lean-supply chain management focuses on reducing non-value-added time and minimization of lead time. This approach flows from the production of raw materials to the delivery of finished goods to the end consumer.

This type of management reduces waste and increases efficiency in the following ways.

Waste Elimination

The lean supply chain approach enables you to undertake value stream mapping. This process lets you unveil all the waste you should eliminate from your supply chain. Once you remove the trash, you can focus on the customer and meet their needs effectively.

There are various ways you can eliminate waste from the supply chain:

  • Assess administrative procedures and production lines: Check for unnecessary rework and processes that cause waste management. Evaluate how each section of your supply chain would rate its productivity. Check for production areas with a high likelihood of lowering efficiency parameters.
  • Map communication models to explore breakdowns: Understand how communication moves from one place to another. Hire a professional process mapper to transform verbal conversations into logical diagrams. The maps will cut down on waste by reviewing the type of communication breakdown in the company.
  • Review the delivery processes and equipment: Assess the incremental expenses resulting from damage, rework, and wasted time. Such waste can escalate your company’s inefficiency levels and require total adjustment. You can evaluate the high-cost sections by creating a list of inbound and outbound logistics.

Increased Flexibility and Productivity

Waste elimination through a lean supply chain results in high flexibility and productivity. Your firm can respond to market demands and remain ahead of competitors. This approach also enhances your workforce’s motivation, productivity, and engagement, speeding up timely deliveries to your clients.

Quality Improvement

A lean supply chain will enable you to reduce errors for your clients by focusing on quality improvements. Quality improvements imply fewer errors, boosting production and distribution efficiency and minimizing delays. Other benefits of quality improvements include:

  • Improved accountability
  • Reduced operational costs
  • New initiatives and opportunities in the market

Your company’s focus on the consumer end will channel improved productivity patterns and expand your marketability scope. As opportunities emerge, you will have an appropriate focus on new customers at reduced operating costs.

What To Consider When Adopting Lean Supply Chain

There are several factors to consider when adopting a this approach:

  • Focus on total fulfillment cost: Make decisions that meet client expectations at low prices. Eliminate decisions that benefit one side at the expense of the other.
  • Minimize lead time: Reduce the inbound and outbound logistics to obtain customer demand. It’ll increase productivity, reduce dependence on forecasting, and minimize overproduction expenses.
  • Consider technological advancements: Consider technological advancements which focus on customer order management, trading partners interface, and customer relationship management. Incorporate technology providers who can integrate logistics and supply chain systems to propel value addition.

Consider Lean Supply Chain Today

Incorporating this supply chain approach can minimize unnecessary procedures by reducing production waste. Integrating the lean method simplifies your production process by maintaining quality standards.

At Elite EXTRA, we provide solutions to improve your logistics operations. Contact us today, and let us provide meaningful insight into the lean supply chain approach.


Colton Ward

Colton Ward


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