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Proof of Delivery: Why Your Business Needs It

Online sales are still surging, making delivery more necessary than ever. The volume of orders impacts how businesses can optimize their delivery performance. Amidst the flurry, late arrivals are worryingly common, and many deliveries don't reach the customers. Moreover, drivers often scan items as delivered, yet they have not yet reached the customer.

Other businesses have smooth delivery processes, but orders often reach customers when they cannot take them. Such situations will leave you with challenges and the need to pay a refund or replace orders. The only solution to this is having proof of delivery.

If your business handles deliveries, it is essential to have proof of delivery. It gives your customers peace of mind that they have received the orders they paid for. It will also protect your business from customer claims about unreceived goods.

What Is Proof of Delivery?

Proof of delivery (POD) is a response that confirms that an order successfully arrived to your customer. It will contain details like delivery information, tracking number, recipients' name, pointed recipients’ signature, and printed name and address. Since it is also used to show a completed service, others call it proof of completion.

The most common POD used today is electronics, making it easier than paper. Using the electronic POD, customers will provide their signature after delivering a service or product. Also, a customer who prefers contactless interaction can still help complete the service by taking a picture of the order placed on their doorstep.

After the confirmation, the customer will receive an email with a downloadable link. Using the Elite EXTRA app, you will have access to the POD to complete the process seamlessly.

Does Your Business Need Proof Of Delivery?

If you wish to minimize and avoid friction between your delivery agents and customers, you should invest in reliable POD. Here are some of the top benefits of adding POD to your delivery business.

Paperless Work

Managing entries on a logbook to keep track of delivery status can be time-consuming and error-prone. POD will help replace such manual processes with automated solutions to build a productive team. Using the "Proof of delivery" feature on your delivery app will help you optimize the process. This will free up your ops team to get higher-value tasks.

Refined Last Mile Delivery Process

Regardless of how your delivery can be perfect initially, the last mile efficacy needs to be better. Once you embrace the concept of POD, you will eliminate client grievances and friction associated with delivery processes.

Real-time Visibility

POD updates your company swiftly to track the work of your delivery team. Transparency and control over the delivery process will help make workflows more efficient.

Improved Accuracy

POD also eliminates slow manual transactions by reducing error chances. It helps you gather relevant information to make accurate decisions for your delivery process.

Where to Begin the POD Services?

Elite EXTRA offers a reliable solution to help you improve your logistics operations, impress your customers, and drive your bottom line. Our team will give you a POD solution that fits your unique workflow. Contact us today to learn more.


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