Benefits of photos and signature proof of delivery to your business

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Benefits of photos and signature proof of delivery to your business

Delivery expectations have changed. Advanced dispatch software has helped packages get to their destinations faster than ever before. But how can companies be certain their packages reach their required destination safely, on time, and to the correct person? Proof of delivery capture is the tool that companies should use to ensure that every package delivered is accounted for. Proof of delivery capture comes in two forms: photo and signature. Incorporating one or both of these methods of proof of delivery capture can provide several benefits to your business. These benefits include the reduction of lost packages and costs associated with it, the increased satisfaction of customers, and reducing driver liability through stronger delivery monitoring.

Packages that don’t reach their destination safely pose large issues for delivery companies. Proof of delivery capture ensures that each package is delivered to the correct destination and the correct customer. Depending on the situation, the delivery companies may be caught on the hook for those packages that aren’t safely delivered. Proof of delivery capture provides picture or signature proof that the package was delivered safely. If something happens to the packages after the proof of delivery has been captured, the delivery company is no longer liable.

Increased Customer Satisfaction

Ensuring a successful last-mile delivery hinges on communication. Proof of delivery capture is one of the best avenues to increase the communication between the customer and the delivery company. Coupling proof of delivery capture with ETA and text alerts allow delivery companies to alert the customer when the package is scheduled to be delivered. This will guarantee seamless delivery for packages that require a signature to be released. If the method of delivery capture is via a picture, then it is not required for the customer to be present during delivery. Picture proof of delivery capture still can increase customer satisfaction. Customers can be sent an alert with the picture proof attached. Customers are now aware of exactly when the package was delivered, and the photo provides great context as to where the delivery was placed so that it can easily be retrieved by the customer when it is convenient for them. Customers will be very appreciative of this additional information that is provided by the delivery company, and in turn, their satisfaction with the delivery service will increase.

Delivery Monitoring

Proof of delivery capture provides many benefits through the increased monitoring of deliveries and the delivery drivers. Driver liability can be reduced by capturing proof of delivery. If there is a dispute about the completion of delivery, the signature proof of delivery capture can quickly and easily settle the dispute. If packages do go missing, it is easy to identify where they may have gone missing during the route, and the issue can speedily be fixed. Managers can also use this information to monitor driver delivery habits and reduce the paperwork of the delivery process. Photo proof of delivery capture ensures that packages are delivered without damage, and to the correct location. If the customer has a requirement as to where the package should be placed, such as behind a chair or under a mat, managers can be sure that the drivers are following those requests.

Colton Ward

Colton Ward


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