How GPS Tracking is Improving Delivery Logistics for Couriers

by | Feb 4, 2022 | Blog, Routing & Dispatch

How GPS Tracking is Improving Delivery Logistics for Couriers

Technology has revolutionized many ways in which we conduct our day-to-day businesses. In courier services, it has enhanced both B2B and B2C relationships through efficiency and increased productivity. The introduction of GPS tracking for the management of deliveries and fleet management is an area that is growing at an increasing rate.

For every courier business with a vision of having advanced customer service to their clients and increased productivity through efficiency and timely response to customer requests, GPS tracking is a core in managing the courier services. GPS tracking can help couriers manage their delivery drivers and improve total fleet management.

Route Optimization

Efficiency is critical in delivering courier services, and customers are likely to build more trust in businesses that exceed their customer service. With GPS tracking it is possible to analyze the destination of your parcels or the deliveries, and all the routes are analyzed. The GPS checks the possible routes available, the possibility of a traffic jam, weather conditions and the shortest route possible. With this information, your deliveries will take the shortest time to reach the clients.

GPS Tracking of Deliveries

GPS functionality of real time tracking is integrated with the logistic database which gives a real-time location of the delivery and its condition. The information includes all the details about the delivery of the vehicle assigned and the driver. Both the courier company and the client can know precisely the movement of deliveries. In case of an abrupt traffic jam, the system searches for the alternative route with a real-time explanation for the delay.


Sometimes you cannot put full trust in your drivers as they may interfere with the deliveries as they deliver them to the clients. The GPS installed monitors any stops that the vehicle makes or changes of route. The client can then report directly to the courier services offices instantly, and actions are taken.

On the other hand, tracking the fleet is made easy by the GPS tracking system. The system is integrated with the satellite maps. Unlike the hardware GPS that can only track the vehicle’s location, advanced GPS systems can give real-time data of the vehicle and trace its location.

Fleet Management

One of the essential aspects of courier services is fleet management which includes assigning vehicles to the drivers, scheduling maintenance of the vehicles and assigning routes in which every vehicle operates.

With a GPS, you do not have to alert your customers about delays in their deliveries because there is maintenance for your fleet. The system can go through the vehicle’s schedule, and time is assigned when it is not doing deliveries for maintenance. Also, for efficiency, the tool assigns every driver a schedule and the vehicle to work with.


GPS reports are significant to every business because they give an insight into what the future holds. Using the GPS, you can have a report of your drivers, which includes the common habits during deliveries such as the stops they make, following traffic rules and customer service. With the information, you will have a good criterion for appraising your drivers.

Also, the GPS reports the customer behavior; you are able to get information such as frequency of requests and types of deliveries they request. The data helps to do marketing to your clients as it is possible to predict their next sale.

Elite EXTRA is an advanced dispatch delivery management system that includes GPS tracking to help manage deliveries. If you are a courier in need of a delivery management system, please contact us today for a free demo.

Colton Ward

Colton Ward


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