How Using Delivery Network Helps Your Business to Deliver

by | Feb 4, 2022 | Archives, Blog

How Using Delivery Network Helps Your Business to Deliver

Logistics has become a crucial part of business since the global economy started moving towards the 21st century. Like any other business, yours is trying to find the best way of getting your goods to your consumers in the cheapest, most reliable, and efficient way.

Why Couriers and Delivery Network?

Many companies are just discovering the benefits of outsourcing their last-mile and short-distance delivery options. What does it have to offer your business, and is it worth the try? Here are some few advantages that come with outsourcing to couriers and external delivery network companies:

1. Lowers the Initial Capital Requirements

Complete outsourcing to a courier or an external driver company has a lower initial cost than the overhead cost of purchasing an entire fleet. Starting a fleet can be capital intensive; purchasing the cars, building garages, and warehouses can be too costly for some businesses. Outsourcing enables your business to get access to a fleet at a low initial cost.

2. Expands Your Customer Base

Many external drive companies like Lyft have a vast user base and brand recognition. Tying your business’s delivery to an advanced delivery service can enable your business to tap into deliveries from the users of these apps and platforms.

3. Makes Your Delivery Service More Reliable

Outsourcing your last mile or short distance delivery or to an established courier or driver company increases the reliability of your deliveries. Established delivery couriers have the resources and expertise to anticipate, mitigate, and fix any issues that may arise in your supply chain before they interrupt the entire delivery process.

4. Gives You Better Access to Technology

Outsourcing your entire delivery process or the management of your fleet to external driver companies enables your business to tap into new technologies. Established courier services have access to advanced technologies and capabilities, advanced dispatch , and machine learning that may be beyond the reach of an in-house delivery department.

5. It is Flexible and Easier to Scale

Outsourcing your delivery to a courier or an external driver company enables your business to adjust swiftly to changes in demand. This is especially when trying a new location or a new product. It makes it easier for a business to upscale if the product is a success and downscale if it is not well received with little expenses or loss.

6. Reduces Your Expenses

Complete outsourcing of your delivery operations enables your business to avoid the recurring costs of running a fleet. These include fuel costs, maintenance and repair, insurance costs, and hiring and onboarding drivers.

7. Gives You More Time to Focus On Core Activities

Managing a fleet or the delivery of your business requires a lot of time and supervision that takes focus away from the core of your business. Outsourcing the last mile delivery to a courier service or an external driver company frees up time and resources that you can invest in more productive aspects of your business.

The Key Take-away

Using couriers or external driver companies for your deliveries can open a new frontier in the growth of your business. Where do you start?

Elite EXTRA is the place for you for ease of integration with eCommerce and Crowdsourced deliveries to help you deliver quickly and efficiently.

Colton Ward

Colton Ward


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