Allstar Panel Of Industry Professionals Introduce Themselves

Jun 22, 2020 | Videos, Webinar Highlights

With the recent increase in consumer demand for last mile deliveries, companies are forced to adapt and streamline their delivery operations to compete. Utilizing crowd-sourced fleets to fight driver shortages, meeting strict customer time windows, and providing contact-free deliveries are important expectations that companies have been expected to meet. Watch as this all-star panel of industry professionals discuss these new expectations and how companies are making strategic partnerships with delivery technology companies in order to meet them.

In this clip, the all-star panel of industry professionals introduce themselves and discuss their unique set of expertise that has given them insights into the current market disruption and demand for same-day and last mile deliveries. This panel includes:

To view the full, 50-minute webinar and listen to more of the industry insights that these panelists provide, feel free to click this link!

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