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How Advanced Dispatching Software Improves Delivery Fleet Monitoring

In an increasingly delivery based economy, proper logistics and fleet monitoring is absolutely crucial to ensure no delays. Factors such as optimized routes, time saving measures and location tracking make the difference in ensuring a delivery fleet is in working condition. The best way to improve delivery fleet monitoring in these aspects and more is by using advanced dispatching software. Five of the many features this software can provide your delivery fleet will be discussed here.

Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports (DVIR)

Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports are important because when dispatching manifests to delivery drivers it is vital that their vehicles are properly inspected. The DVIR software allows creates an easily accessible and fully customizable inspection process for delivery drivers to complete pre and post trip. Drivers can complete these reports on their own mobile phones for extra convenience. The DVIR offered by EXTRA allows complete customization of the inspection reports, giving the best compliance possible to the specific regulations and laws in the jurisdictions your drivers fall under. DVIRs are essential to keeping current with compliance in a delivery fleet and keeping up to date with the maintenance and well-being of both your drivers and your vehicles.

Optimized Route Sequencing

To ensure your delivery fleet is running to the optimum efficiency and not wasting any gas or time, optimized routes are needed. With the advanced dispatching software offered by EXTRA, these optimized routes are automatically given to your delivery fleet. The EXTRA engine creates these optimized routes by taking into account traffic, customer preferences, customer time windows, weather conditions and much more. This optimization process happens nearly instantly and provides much better routes and logistics than the average GPS. The average GPS does not factor in nearly all the different factors that the EXTRA engine does. Your drivers in the delivery fleet will be traveling on the very best routes.


The +Telematics offered by EXTRA is the perfect complement to the Optimized Route Sequencing Engine and other features. +Telematics gives a real time live information stream from your delivery fleet about the status of the engine, other various parts of the vehicle and maintenance history. Implementing this software saves plenty of time that would have been devoted to tracking down paper or digital records of vehicles manually. EXTRA has streamlined this whole process with +Telematics with the added benefit of live updates.

Auto-Route and Auto-Suggest

The Auto-Route and Auto-Suggest feature runs parallel to the Optimized Route Sequencing function. With Auto-Route software, you can automatically optimize routes for a group of drivers in your delivery fleet that are delivering different orders. Auto-Route also allows you to optimize your fleet by automatically assigning drivers and routes to time windows you select. This saves hours that would have been dedicated to figure out the most economically sensible way to send a delivery. The other part of the software, Auto-Suggest gives you a selected driver in your fleet to complete an order based on their locations, saving even more time.

Real-time GPS Tracking

To properly monitor your fleet, excellent GPS tracking must be a priority. EXTRA offers a GPS system which tracks drivers exactly and accurately determines their speed and ETA to their destination. Added to this software is the ability to change your driver's routes and communicate directly with them in the vehicle, saving any possible confusion.

Delivery fleet monitoring is made more accurate and far easier with advanced dispatch software offered by EXTRA. If you're interested in learning more about this software or any other aspects of logistics improvement, make sure to contact us today.





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