The Ultimate Courier Guide for Cannabis Transportation

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Preference for online shopping continues to shape how people purchase just about everything, including cannabis. Over the past few years, more and more people have been opting to order cannabis products as the cannabis transportation industry expands beyond international borders. The changes are fast, and delivery providers must step up to match the high demand. If you don’t offer order delivery services, your customer will likely order from elsewhere.

To operate a cannabis delivery service, you may incur a little overhead costs if you already have a physical dispensary location. The initial investment will cover transportation and security costs, but effective management guarantees a high return in the long run.

In this post, we cover various considerations that every courier must know before starting their cannabis delivery services. These follow the use of reliable cannabis delivery software.

Cannabis Online Ordering 

To succeed in cannabis transportation, the dispensary must have a structured online shopping platform. In this platform, your team will manage online orders and logistics for delivery when needed. The platform will integrate with the point of sale systems and the delivery management software for a seamless shopping experience. Other key features to include in your cannabis delivery software are:

  • Online order placement and delivery manifest
  • Customer details
  • Integration with key marketing tools
  • Validation of area codes for legal cannabis delivery

Using dedicated online shopping and delivery platforms, you can connect with customers fast and have more control to reach the desired market without the hassle. You will also stay relevant to your audience, who are not too keen to shop storefronts.

GPS Tracking and Fleet Management 

Tracking deliveries and delivering the correct order are crucial components of effective delivery software. Your chosen platform should offer route optimizing features, real time notifications, delivery time, and Live ETA. Optimized delivery managed over an online platform would allow your team to:

  • Reduced fleet mileage and fuel consumption
  • Control the fleet and inventory allocation remotely
  • Gain real time insights through tracking and complete visibility
  • Geofenced zones for expanded reach
  • Modify routes when needed

Conditions for Storing and Transporting Cannabis 

Managing inventory is a challenging task, especially when dealing with perishable products. When storing or transporting marijuana, the top factors you need to consider are humidity, temperature, light, oxygen, and the material of the container used in strong the flower. Cannabis products can differ in storage requirements, so be sure to deliver similar items together and prepare your truck ahead of time for optimal conditions.

Storing it correctly throughout shipping can help extend its lifespan. In general, cannabis expires anywhere between 6 months and a year, so it is important to keep it fresh as long as you can.

State Laws and Requirements 

Cannabis sales attract hefty compliance challenges in the highly regulated cannabis industry. It continues to be a significant point of conversation on a global scale due to its effects on the human body. Despite being illegal at the federal level, cannabis is more of a state issue. Most states in the US have legalized the use, selling, and delivery of cannabis products. It is best to find out if your state allows the sale of cannabis to know the legal requirements. You can find information on cannabis regulation by state from Cannaspire.

Embrace Change and Deliver your Best with Elite EXTRA 

The cannabis sector is a highly regulated industry. You must follow all the rules to remain compliant to operate with ease. Having a dedicated cannabis delivery software can help you achieve all these. The Elite EXTRA software suite has all the last mile solutions to improve cannabis transportation operations, drive your bottom line, and satisfy your customer. Request a demo today.


Colton Ward

Colton Ward


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