The Importance of Driver Tracking in 2022

by | May 24, 2022 | Blog, Routing & Dispatch

The importance of driver tracking in 2022

Unless you have invested in autonomous vehicles, drivers are still an essential part of your fleet. The fleet exists because of them, and their contribution will impact the success of your delivery services. This is why driver tracking can be extremely important for your operations.

Is tracking your driver really worth the hassle and money invested? If you’ve thought about this question this year, you should have your answer once you’ve read this post. We’ve discussed the perfect insights to help you take driver tracking to the next level.

Using a driver tracker is no hassle at all. You can use dispatch software solutions like Elite EXTRA, which comes with a host of benefits for your business. This post covers the top reason you need to start driver tracking and excel. Let’s dive in!

Drivers Need Constant Constructive Feedback

Your drivers can improve their performance through the valuable insights generated by tracking information. By monitoring your driver behavior, it’s easier to streamline the delivery processes for efficiency and effectiveness.

Remember, the goal is not to put your drivers under surveillance. Drivers need to be aware of the driving habits of the vehicle and how it impacts the overall success of the company. The dispatch software enables your driver to understand their performance, creating personal growth opportunities. This will improve the overall success of your fleet.

Create a Culture of Clear Communication

It is common to find drivers in your company who have negative feelings toward being tracked. Therefore, you need to start with training, lay out the pros of tracking your driver behavior, and set the tone for higher expectations and accountability. You can achieve this by utilizing real reports showing behavior effects like hard braking, accelerations, and excessive idling.

Enjoy Extra Security

The fleet industry offers a unique challenge to minor drivers as they are always moving. It makes it unreasonable and costly to hire another employee to ride along with your drivers at all times.

The ideal solution to this challenge is getting dispatch software that provides valuable information about operations. The reports offer an excellent source for holding drivers accountable for their behaviors and driving habits.

Improves Customer Satisfaction

A satisfied customer is a happy customer. You can align your customer delivery needs to your processes with proper driver tracking software. Delivery optimization gets products to your customer with no delays. It will help you retain your clients forever. There is also a chance that you will earn customer loyalty, who will, in turn, recommend your services to their family and friends.

Reduces Maintenance Costs

Bad driving behavior leads to abnormal wear and tear. Also, minor malfunctions can drastically turn into severe damage to your car that will be costly to repair. Monitoring your drivers will ensure they practice safe driving habits to keep your vehicle running for a long time without issues. This also means more life for your tires, optimized fuel consumption, and reduction in fuel fraud.

Partner With Elite EXTRA

At Elite EXTRA, we strive to offer state of the art solutions to optimize your fleet for success. Our software will make your delivery services faster, better, and more innovative. Contact us today to learn more about our software solutions.

Colton Ward

Colton Ward


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