The Push for Supply Chain Efficiency: Collapsing Our Resources from the Inside Out

by | Oct 5, 2022 | Blog, Industry Insights

In the race to get the supply chain back up and running as quickly as possible, it is important to ask ourselves whether we are putting too much strain on our workers. The push for supply chain efficiency has been increasing since the pandemic hit, as companies try to speed up production and become more transparent. However, this increase in pressure on workers can lead to burnout.

At Elite EXTRA, we’ve always been focused on creating efficiencies in the supply chain. We develop software solutions that automate and streamline processes, making it easier for businesses to get their products to market faster. But we also recognize that there’s more to efficiency than just getting things done quickly.

Is the Strain Too Much for Our Workers?

The increased focus on efficiency has put a strain on workers, both physically and mentally. They are often required to work longer hours and deal with more stress. This can lead to burnout, which can have a negative impact on both their health and their productivity.

In addition, many workers are now being asked to do more with less. They are being asked to work faster and be more productive, but they often don’t have the resources they need to do so. This can lead to frustration and a feeling of being overwhelmed.

How Can We Prevent Burnout?

There are several things that companies can do to prevent burnout among their workers. They include:

  • Encouraging a healthy work-life balance: It’s important for workers to have sufficient time to rest and relax. When they feel rested, they are more likely to be productive. Sometimes, workers need to take vacation days or work fewer hours.
  • Providing adequate resources: Workers need the resources to do their jobs effectively. This includes things like proper training, adequate staff, and the right tools and equipment.
  • Communicating expectations: Workers need to know what is expected of them. When they understand their roles and responsibilities, they are more likely to meet or exceed those expectations.
  • Giving feedback: Feedback is essential for workers to know how they are doing. It helps them to know what they are doing well and what they need to improve.

Are Companies Putting Consumer Demands Before Employee Needs?

The increased focus on efficiency has led to many companies putting consumer demands before employee needs. In some cases, this is necessary in order to meet customer expectations. However, it can often make employees feel like they are not a priority.

This can have a negative impact on employee morale and motivation. When employees feel like they are not a priority, they are less likely to be engaged in their work and more likely to look for other opportunities.

Companies need to strike a balance between meeting customer demands and caring for their employees. Doing this makes them more likely to have a motivated and productive workforce.

The pandemic has led to many changes in how businesses operate. The increased focus on efficiency is just one of those changes. While it can have some positive effects, it can also lead to negative consequences for workers. Companies must be aware of these potential problems and take steps to prevent them.

Bottom Line

At Elite EXTRA, we are always looking for ways to improve our efficiency and meet the needs of our customers. However, we never want to do so at the expense of our employees. We value their well-being and satisfaction as much as we value our own success.

To learn more about how you can optimize your last mile, increase your efficiency, and speed up deliveries without overwhelming your employees, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We would be happy to chat with you about our supply chain and how we can help your business!


Susan Marcott

Susan Marcott


Susan is the Executive Vice President, Chief People and Project Officer, and all-around master of everything at Elite EXTRA. Susan enjoys spending time with her two daughters and relaxing with wine - a lot. Susan had dreams of becoming a famous journalist like Lois Lane but instead uses her Super Organized superpower to help keep everyone on task and in line.

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