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Use Elite EXTRA’s Advanced Dispatch Software to Streamline and Automate your Deliveries

Is there an easier solution for your dispatchers to manage all of your orders? Is it taking too long to plan your routes? Are you sure that your drivers are taking the most efficient routes?

Elite EXTRA’s customizable advanced dispatch software can help your business address some of these delivery planning challenges. Elite EXTRA’s platform can be accessed anywhere through an internet connection and a web browser to streamline and automate your routes and delivery planning.

Optimized Route Sequencing
Elite EXTRA’s dispatch software can be integrated directly with your ordering platform, meaning that as you process orders, they upload into the EXTRA system for streamlined delivery planning. Routes can be built by invoices, barcode scanning, scheduled runs, an asset scheduler, or even by selecting your customers geographically. They can be built on the fly for your hot shot deliveries, or saved and dispatched at a later time. Elite EXTRA understands that different businesses have different needs. Use our customizable routing software solutions to fit and streamline your delivery planning needs.

Auto-Route and Auto-Suggest
Let Elite EXTRA’s technology automate delivery planning for you! Auto-Route allows you to select a group of orders and automatically optimizes the routes based on a specific number of drivers or vehicles, while taking time windows, vehicle inclusions, and drivers’ skill sets into consideration. Auto-Suggest allows you to select an order and will run a full audit of your drivers’ locations to determine the best active driver to complete that order delivery. This automated process saves your dispatchers time to focus on other priorities.

Delivery or Service Time Windows
Elite EXTRA’s routing software can take into account the time windows for your deliveries or services to ensure you are meeting your delivery times and keeping your customers satisfied.

Email and Text ETA Alerts
Send your customers delivery tracking links through automated emails and texts. Customers can track your drivers’ estimated times of arrival while freeing your other staff from answering unnecessary emails and phone calls regarding their order status. Customer communication is often as important as delivery planning, so let Elite EXTRA’s streamlined and automated system help you manage it.

Signature Capture and Photo Capture
Your drivers can use the EXTRA Driver mobile application to collect electronic signatures or take photos of their deliveries. These signatures and photos are automatically uploaded to your web-based Elite EXTRA routing software, where you can download them, email them, or simply access them as you need. You can also set them up to be automatically emailed to your customers as proof of delivery documents; helping you streamline your document management process, even after delivery has occurred.

Real-time GPS Tracking
Elite EXTRA provides you with full visibility of your drivers and routes to help you make informed delivery planning decisions. Communicate with your drivers in real-time using the built-in EXTRA messaging tool.

Robust Reporting
With more than 80 different report options, Elite EXTRA allows you to analyze your route and driver performance data to inform your decision-making. Auto-reports can also be emailed at designated times set by you.

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