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Elite EXTRA’s Route Scheduling Software

As a delivery business, one of the challenges you are faced with is route scheduling. What is the best way to route your drivers, while taking into account gas and maintenance expenses, delivery time windows, customers’ expectations, and more? Is there a more efficient way? How do I know when my drivers are arriving back so I can plan additional routes?

Advanced dispatching software, such as Elite EXTRA, is a solution that many delivery businesses are turning towards to assist them with their route scheduling needs. Elite EXTRA’s software simplifies the delivery process by configuring and optimizing delivery and pickup routes based on traffic, proximity, and other criteria you establish. Once you dispatch routes to your drivers, users of Elite EXTRA continue to have visibility of their active routes while they manage their stops using the EXTRA Driver device app. This gives dispatchers the ability to easily plan for future routes, add on pickup orders, and overall increase their efficiency.

Elite EXTRA builds routes in a variety of ways. The most common way that customers choose is to have their routes optimize based on proximity, traffic, etc. This allows businesses to cut down on time and fuel expenses. However, if customers prefer to build routes in their desired order, this can be accommodated as well. Priority windows and requested start and end times can be taken into consideration for those customers who need their goods by a certain time. Use the asset scheduler to schedule your vehicles or drivers days in advance, using a calendar view.

Elite EXTRA also offers the ability to set up scheduled runs or recurring routes, which will automatically build on the site for dispatchers to easily send off to a driver with just a couple of clicks. Select a group of orders and use the autoroute feature to divide them between vehicles or drivers. These options become not only a huge timesaver for dispatchers, but it allows others to more easily fill in if the main dispatcher is out of the office.

In addition to the time savings and cost cutting benefits of introducing a route scheduling software, Elite EXTRA also offers features that enhance your customers’ experience with your company. You can set up automated proof of delivery (POD) emails, which provides them with their POD within five minutes of their delivery. Elite EXTRA also offers email and text ETA alerts, allowing your customers to track their deliveries and plan accordingly.

There are many benefits and features available when considering route scheduling software. To learn more about Elite EXTRA, please visit eliteextra.com, or contact our Sales Team at 1-888-484-8729 or sales@eliteextra.com. For customer testimonials, please click here .

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