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Using Elite EXTRA to Create, Dispatch, and Manage Routes

Remember planning car trip routes via a road atlas, a highlighter, and having each state on that route tabbed in the atlas for quick reference? You would need to neatly write or type out the directions as a convenient condensed outline of the planned route. It was time-consuming, and following those written directions while traveling could get dangerous if you were traveling without a navigator. Fast forward to today, when we can easily type two or more locations into an app and get the fastest routes between them in just seconds.

Elite EXTRA’s Advanced Dispatching Software System is the ultimate route planner. It features route optimization, allowing for powerful route creation that monitors traffic patterns, while accounting for time windows, priorities, capacities, and more. The dispatching software’s central page boasts the most updated interactive map service, which allows you to create routes of any kind. The Manifest Manager section builds the routes with any geocoded location you set. Depending on the ordering platform and business type, these manifests are able to contain a variety of consumed data such as date & time stamps, invoice number, part descriptions, etc. in addition to any basic info like name and location.

Elite EXTRA’s advanced and intuitive web application can be accessed anywhere through an internet connection and a web browser. Integrated directly with your ordering platform, EXTRA continually ingests orders, automatically optimizes routes, and allows you to easily dispatch to your drivers or external delivery services in your area. After dispatching, your drivers will receive all pertinent order information in EXTRA’s free mobile application where they can collect signatures, photos, and enter notes at the point of delivery or service. Communicate with your drivers in real-time while tracking their route progress on an interactive map in EXTRA’s web application. No matter if you’re delivering a product, a service, a work order, or anything in between, Elite EXTRA’s advanced dispatch management software can streamline your delivery and service operations.

Making Your Team More Productive
“EXTRA has become a vital part of our operation, allowing us to quickly and accurately track our deliveries, and making everyone more productive. Our drivers love it because it is easy to use, and it helps them be more efficient by organizing their routes to expedite deliveries to our customers.” - Perry Barth, Parts Manager, Baxter Ford

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