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Quick and Easy Dispatching with EXTRA’s Recurring Routes

Elite EXTRA’s Recurring Routes Feature automatically generates routes your business runs on a daily, weekly or even monthly basis. Also, set up your delivery or service zones in EXTRA to have the system build routes automatically throughout the day, saving time for your dispatchers.

The recurring routes feature through Elite EXTRA is also completely customizable with several options on how and when to run routes:

With the Recurring Routes features, dispatchers save time by not repeatedly building the same routes every day/week/month. They can focus on getting other orders out that could be for new customers while taking great care of the current customers at the same time.

All recurring routes are created by a template with stops that are made daily/weekly/monthly or even yearly. Once the template is created, this schedules the manifest as a Recurring Route in the sequence the invoices are in and with the same stops for every day and time it is scheduled. Verify your schedule in a calendar view of all scheduled templates that allow you to edit or remove said schedules.

Schedules are easily customizable, with options to auto-fill days quickly, edit runs on various times and on various days. Our recurring route feature also makes it easy to edit the run on a day-to-day basis if needed. All the recurring stops are marked with an icon (recycle icon) that makes it simple to differentiate from your regular routes.

A driver can even be assigned to and automatically dispatched a recurring route. This saves the dispatcher another responsibility that Elite EXTRA does for them. This is a great option especially for companies who lack designated dispatchers, and it also frees up time for your in-house staff to focus on other important tasks.

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