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Best Methods to Provide Proof of Delivery to Your Customers

Proof of delivery has been a major part of parcel delivery since the 1800s. Today, through technological advancements, proof of delivery capture comes in different forms that provide consumers the ability to give their customers an overall better service experience. There are currently two main methods used for proof of delivery documentation: 1.) written or electronic signature capture and 2.) photo capture. Both of these methods benefit customers and businesses alike by reducing liability and providing proof of delivery documentation. Proof of delivery capture can be streamlined and efficient when used in conjunction with dispatching software solutions.

Proof of delivery capture methods are a simple way to reduce liability for businesses who deliver packages or provide a service, and they can assist in troubleshooting disputes regarding correct delivery or service dates. It is an efficient way to track who received the package or service, as well as determine the location of where the materials were dropped off or the service was performed. Many dispatch options also send an emailed proof of delivery confirmation once the necessary order or service information has been collected. Having proof of delivery procedures in place is a simple solution to improve communication with customers. It reduces or eliminates any ambiguity in the last mile of the delivery process that could potentially cause miscommunication or a negative experience between businesses and their customers.

Written and Electronic Signature Capture

Written signatures on hardcopy forms are the oldest form of proof of delivery documentation. As technology has progressed, electronic signatures have become the most common form of signature used for proof of delivery capture. Signatures can easily be collected on a tablet or phone-sized device that drivers carry. For signature proof of delivery, it ensures that the package goes right into the hands of the correct customer once the signature is collected. Packages won’t be waiting uncollected outside or given to an individual without a signature. This provides greater accountability for both delivery drivers and individuals accepting the packages.

Photo Capture

Photo proof of delivery capture is a newer method used for deliveries. Photo capture found great relevance due to many health and safety concerns during the pandemic. Photo proof of delivery capture provides more flexibility for the customer than an electronic signature. It is completely contactless, so customers can safely receive their packages without worrying about contact with other individuals. The photo also provides benefits to customers, allowing them to see exactly when and where the package was placed, saving time and unnecessary confusion. Customers can also see exactly what condition the package was in when it was delivered. This helps delivery companies maintain a strong reputation for package care.

Proof of delivery capture is most powerful when it is used in conjunction with other delivery tools. ETA alerts are a great way to notify customers of estimated times and dates that their delivery will arrive. Customers are able to plan around this delivery window. If a signature is required for delivery, ETA alerts will help ensure that the customer will be present to provide the required information. Later, proof of delivery documentation can be automatically emailed out to the necessary parties. This streamlined process provides accountability and proof of delivery documentation while reducing paper costs and increasing customer service.

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