Optimize Your First Attempt Deliveries To Reduce Delivery Costs

by | Feb 4, 2022 | Blog, Industry Insights

Optimize Your First Attempt Deliveries to Reduce Delivery Costs

The current retail industry is in a state of flux. Companies are looking for ways to balance changing customer expectations and improve their profits. Luckily, there is a way to crack it.

Making a first delivery attempt successful is the most effective way to succeed with your eCommerce retailer. The cost you will incur with redeliveries and the amount of time your customer has to wait when you don’t make it the first time significantly impacts your business success and growth.

Also, successful first delivery attempts help you avoid unnecessary occurrences that may lead to delivery delays. Read on for more information about the benefits of first delivery attempts and how you can optimize them.

What Is A Delivery Attempt?

A delivery attempt refers to when your driver tries to physically deliver a package ordered by a customer to their address. The delivery attempt is only successful if the driver or any related service provider hands the package over to the end-user, reaches a secure location to store the package, or conveys the parcel in any appropriate way to reach the customer.

When a delivery attempt is cut short, and the driver cannot reach the customer, it is unsuccessful, and efforts are essential to ensure its success. A series of subsequent delivery attempts would follow the failure of the first delivery attempt. Usually, when it is impossible to reach the customer, the goods will have to go back to the retailer.

The Importance of the First Delivery Attempt

The failure and success of the first delivery attempt significantly impacted the overall logistics costs and customer satisfaction levels. These are the two most important factors when determining your profit margins in the long haul. Here are some of the top reasons why first delivery attempts play a crucial role in boosting your business growth.

Delivery Cost

Every attempted delivery and redelivery requires money. Typically, freight rates vary based on the truck used, the weight of goods, travel distance, and the time frame needed to deliver goods.

According to DAT.com, van rates cost around $2.84 per mile. Therefore, for every mile you travel, you use money. Second, attempted deliveries and redeliveries will require extra shipping costs and more resources for effective order fulfillment.

Enhance Customer Satisfaction

Modern customers expect on-time delivery for all their orders, especially when they pay extra for fast delivery options. Research shows that about 69% of consumers are less likely to continue transacting with a retailer whose delivery services are slow. Their maximum delivery period is only two days, after which they will look for alternatives.

How to Boost First Attempt Delivery Rate

Advancements in technology enable you to use automation to optimize your last-mile delivery to ensure the success of the first delivery attempt. Logistics software allows you to get real-time notifications for optimizing routes and communication in real-time with drivers to make them necessary when needed.

Elite EXTRA is a full logistics advanced dispatch software that will help you deliver to the first mile and last mile by seamlessly streamlining your operations. It is scalable to fit your unique workflow and meet your customer demands. Contact us today to learn more.


Colton Ward

Colton Ward


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