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The Benefits of Keeping Your Mobile Dispatch App Up to Date

A mobile dispatch app is a mobile or web application that allows you to track and dispatch goods and services through effective communication amongst drivers and dispatchers. With a quality mobile dispatch app like Elite EXTRA, dispatchers can easily track the drivers' locations and can tell job statuses in actual time.

However, just like most mobile apps, you need to keep your mobile dispatch app up to date. Mobile software developers take a lot of time to improve the experiences and services of their products.

Updating your mobile dispatch app ensures that both the drivers and the dispatchers enjoy the latest services that the app has to offer. Other benefits include:

1. Security

For a mobile dispatch app, security is very important. A lot of critical information is passed from the dispatchers to the drivers and vice-versa. In the past, there have been cases where outdated mobile apps have been used to;

One of the main reasons why software developers provide regular updates is to provide better security. Leaving your mobile dispatch with the old version gives criminals a chance to exploit the flaws that came with the version.

2. Regular Updates Improve the Performance of the App

Mobile dispatch apps have plenty of information to store and deliver. As time goes by, you might notice that your app is slow, crashes at times, or is buggy. In most cases, these are signs that you should update your app.

To fix bugs and enjoy the full experience that a mobile dispatch app has to offer, always keep it up to date.

3. Updates Come with New Exciting Features

Technological trends change almost daily. For a mobile dispatch app, you need to keep up with these trends for the best services. For an app like Elite EXTRA, we provide updates after every two months.

The updates always come with new or improved features that give you a better experience.

How to Update Your Mobile Dispatch App

Our Elite EXTRA mobile dispatch app is available for both android and IOS users. To update your app, visit either Google Play Store or Apple App Store respectively.

It is possible to miss some updates because you have other daily activities to do. However, you can keep your dispatch mobile app up to date by turning on automatic app updates for both iOS and Android devices.


A mobile dispatch app is available both on mobile devices and web applications. They help maintain proper communication between dispatchers and drivers. However, to enjoy the secure, bug-free, and amazing features that the app has to offer, you need to keep it up to date.

Elite EXTRA provides updates every eight weeks, and bug fixes as needed.


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