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Delivery Drivers and Service Technicians can quickly build routes using their mobile device and advanced dispatch software

Drivers can build their own delivery routes on mobile devices using the EXTRA Driver app. This is a great option for companies who lack designated dispatchers, are looking for solutions during times of social distancing, or simply trying to free up staff to focus on other important priorities. Once orders have integrated into the Elite EXTRA software program, drivers can proceed with building their routes.

The EXTRA Driver app can be enabled to allow drivers to build their own delivery routes on their mobile devices for no extra charge. Once enabled, drivers can build their routes by using either an external scanner, the camera on their devices, or by manually entering the invoice or order numbers into the EXTRA Driver app. If there are multiple orders associated with the same order number, drivers will have the option to select the appropriate ones for their delivery routes. They also can remove orders if the driver makes an error while scanning or entering order numbers.

Routes built through mobile devices can be set up to either automatically optimize, meaning they will be arranged in the most efficient order or set up to build based on the order they were scanned or entered by the driver. Once the route is built, the driver can proceed to mark stops as departed, arrived, and delivered as they would with any other route dispatched to them. They will also have the ability to request driving directions while using the EXTRA Driver app. Signature and photo capture abilities can also be used with mobile dispatch. Drivers can also be given permission within the EXTRA Driver app to move or reorder stops once they have begun their delivery route.

Once the routes built through mobile dispatch have been created, they will also appear on the dispatch monitor screen found on Elite EXTRA. This way, inhouse staff can continue to monitor the route status, remove orders, or add pick-up orders to the route. Inhouse staff can also communicate with drivers through a text messaging feature built within the EXTRA Driver app and Elite EXTRA.

The mobile dispatch feature is available to drivers using the EXTRA Driver app on both Android and iOS devices. This is a requested feature that Elite EXTRA will need to enable for you.

For more information, please contact Elite EXTRA’s sales team at 1-888-484-8729. or sales@eliteextra.com.

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