How Last-Mile Delivery is Changing Pharmacy Services

by | Feb 4, 2022 | Blog, Industry Insights

How Last-Mile Delivery is Changing Pharmacy Services

Since the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, there has been a massive rise in last mile pharmacy delivery demands, and over 35% of the consumers in the United States are increasingly embracing this trend. Different industries are trying to modernize their operations to meet the client’s growing demand for convenience. Delivery companies have been looking for ways to automate and digitize their delivery process to maintain their relationship with customers without compromising safety.

The health care sector has not been left behind, and last-mile delivery is particularly important for pharmacies due to the urgency of some medications. Elite EXTRA’s advanced dispatch software is enabling customers to collect their prescriptions without having to travel or leave their houses. It is possible to know where the drugs are and when they will reach them.

This post highlights the features of Elite EXTRA’s advanced dispatching software that are facilitating the provision of delivery services for pharmaceutical products and how they give you a competitive edge with faster deliveries.

Driver Tracking

Our advanced dispatching software makes it possible to provide pharmaceutical product delivery services by making the process more transparent. You get real-time updates on the shipments to see your driver’s route, speed, and location on a live map. This functionality enables greater operational efficiency since you can make informed decisions on the fly. Besides, the software comes with an inbuilt messaging tool that allows you to communicate with your drivers.

Proof of Delivery

The collection of electronic signatures is essential to prove successful pharmacy delivery. Elite EXTRA’s advanced dispatching software allows your driver to gather the e-signature or capture photos at the location of delivery using a mobile application. The app enables automatic uploading of the signature and photos to the web for attachment to a proof of service or delivery document. After that, your customers or team can receive the documents.

Scan Verification Tool

Scan verification tool facilitates the creation of an optimized pharmacy delivery route. But more importantly, the advanced dispatching software makes it possible to provide delivery services for pharmaceutical products by allowing the drivers to confirm whether they have the correct service or product on the delivery vehicle. Once they reach the destined location, they can use the scanning feature tool to verify that they are dropping the product to the right person through an ID scan.

Optimized Route Planning

Optimized route planning is another critical feature in the last mile delivery of pharmaceuticals. It helps reduce the total delivery time by revealing the fastest and the most efficient routes. Other than taking into account the time, traffic, capacity, and location, you can send real-time updates to your dispatchers when you want to make last-minute changes or re-optimize. Therefore, Advanced dispatching software facilitates the provision of delivery services for pharmaceutical products by enabling you to build routes according to traffic, customer preferences, proximity, and more.

Customer Feedback

Elite EXTRA’s advanced dispatching software allows you to notify your customers with emails and text alerts. They get notifications via text or email with order information and the driver’s estimated arrival time. From there, your customers can track as the driver comes to their location.

Auto-Route Scheduling

Advanced dispatching software makes it possible to provide delivery services for pharmaceutical products by facilitating efficient and hassle-free management of recurring routes. It allows you to auto-generate routes that occur daily, weekly, or monthly according to your set schedule. With the auto-route feature, you can select multiple orders and automatically optimize routes for particular drivers. Besides, you can build routes that utilize fewer drivers and meet your time windows. This functionality helps to minimize labor costs while saving time for your dispatching team.

Elite EXTRA commits to provide innovative solutions to improve efficiency while reducing costs. We provide you with Software as a Service (SaaS) solution that allows you to access a device and internet connection only and meet your pharmacy delivery tracking needs. Contact us today to request a demo.


Colton Ward

Colton Ward


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