Kristina Elsner Discusses Key Technology To Face Disruption

Jun 10, 2020 | Videos, Webinar Highlights

The recent “last mile disruption” caused by Amazon’s introduction of two-day shipping has left companies scrambling to find ways to deliver faster than ever before. Consumers are now expecting contact-free delivery met within their time windows and sometimes even within the same day. Our panel of industry professionals discusses these heightened consumer expectations and what companies are doing to adapt to the rapidly changing times that we have been faced with.

This clip features Kristina Elsner, Innovation Leader at Mayer Electric Supply, as she responds to her first question where she is asked what technology she has had success with, personally, while facing the industry disruption. Using her experience at Mayer, Kristina provides a unique, inside perspective on the many innovative technologies that have helped her company to thrive in the last mile delivery space.

This is the first question of many that were discussed during the full, 50-minute webinar. If you are interested in watching the other discussion topics covered and questions answered, click this link to watch it for free!

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