Jon Ward On The Evolution Of Dispatch Platforms

Jun 22, 2020 | Videos, Webinar Highlights

The “Amazon Effect” has taken the delivery space by storm, leaving ripples of disruption in its wake. This disruption, however, has created countless opportunities for companies to grow their businesses in a changing industry. The panel of industry professionals featured in this webinar looks to tackle ways of capitalizing on this disruption and streamlining delivery processes to keep up with the same day delivery promises of Amazon.

In this clip, Jon Ward, V.P., Chief Sales Officer at Elite EXTRA discusses how advanced dispatch platforms have evolved to meet rising customer demands. Jon dives into the various pain points that delivery companies are facing today and how the right advanced dispatch platform can work as a business partner to help these companies thrive through any disruption that is sure to come.

Don’t miss out on the other panelist’s questions and the full panel discussion! Watch the full, 50-minute webinar for free by clicking this link!

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