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ID Scanning for Delivery Companies – The Solution to Staying Compliant

Online shopping has increased dramatically since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Consequently, delivery companies have also seen an increase in the number of orders and deliveries.

The growing demand for parcel delivery services has posed a range of challenges for delivery companies. Companies need to keep their delivery drivers and customers safe by minimizing physical interaction. Additionally, companies are required to stay compliant with the laws regulating the delivery of alcohol and other controlled substances, whose demand has risen steadily during the pandemic.

Mobile ID scanning technology has emerged as an easy solution for delivery companies to overcome these challenges. Here is an overview of how it works and why it is important.

The COVID-19 Pandemic and ID Scanning

The COVID-19 pandemic has contributed to the shift to online shopping. Shopping online decreases the risk of getting the virus and helps shoppers comply with lockdown laws. However, it puts delivery drivers at an increased risk of contracting the virus as they have to deliver more products and interact with more people.

Physical interaction between drivers and customers should be minimized. Mobile ID scanning relies on a mobile device's camera to scan the client's ID. This limits physical interaction and keeps the delivery drivers safe.

Growing Delivery Demand & ID Scanning

It is worth noting that Delivery in Full-On-Time (DIFOT) rates have declined by 50%, meaning that customers are waiting longer to get their packages. Reducing the amount spent handing over a package and verifying the recipient's ID is helping reduce delivery companies' backlogs.

ID scanning takes seconds, saving drivers time to make more deliveries. This also helps improve customer satisfaction, as many online shoppers demand fast delivery.

ID scanning is also a secure form of proof of delivery. It ensures that drivers deliver every parcel without engaging in theft and other types of fraud.

Controlled Substances & ID Scanning

Controlled substances such as alcohol, tobacco, marijuana, Vape products, and medicine are among the long list of products in many delivery companies' inventories. The law mandates that delivery companies should verify the age of recipients before delivering controlled substances.

Non-compliance makes delivery companies subject to legal charges and hefty penalties. Contractors can be terminated for negligence, regardless of whether or not the non-compliance was intentional. Severe breaches that result in social harm, community disruption, or loss of life can also result in prosecution, fines, and imprisonment.

ID scanning offers an easy age verification solution. The software can scan a wide range of ID documents, including passports and driving licenses. The risk of inaccuracy is eliminated, ensuring that every delivery is compliant with the law.

ID Scanning is Easy to Adopt

ID scanning relies on sophisticated software and mobile apps that you can install on a camera-equipped smart mobile device. To this end, drivers can use company-issued devices or their smartphones to scan customers' IDs for age verification and proof of identity purposes. The solution is also worth the investment – and it is necessary considering the rigid challenges that delivery companies must overcome.

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