How to Successfully Offer One Day Shipping

by | Jul 15, 2022 | Blog, Delivery Network

How to Successfully Offer 1 Day Shipping

Businesses constantly look for ways to stand out in the highly competitive and busy online market. Today’s world is customer-driven, and companies must find ways to meet customer demands to succeed. One of these demands is offering 1 day shipping.

Equally important, customer expectations keep evolving. Studies show that modern customers are willing to pay more for services and products with specific benefits such as same-day deliveries. A new trend that has taken a foothold in the delivery industry and the online market is one-day shipping.

Why Your Business Needs Fast Shipping Options

One day shipping is a significant selling point for many online retailers. For example, Amazon started this trend with their Prime membership option, where customers would pay an additional $100 annually to get two-day shipping. Your business can easily lag behind the competition if you do not offer same-day shipping or any form of fast delivery options for your customers.

The sheer popularity of this trend prompts every retailer to find ways to guarantee their customers fast delivery. But it is not short of challenges.

One way you can succeed in implementing an effective 1 day shipping is by using a reliable delivery platform like Elite EXTRA’s Delivery Network. It allows you to connect to drivers, increasing your shipping capabilities and offering seamless one-day shipping.

The Importance of 1 Day Shipping

Modern businesses are increasingly implementing 1 day shipping options in their deliveries. Additionally, technology allows companies to optimize the flow of deliveries, and a one-day shipping delivery service is now possible for any business regardless of size. Here are some of the top benefits of implementing the service in your delivery strategies.

1.  Enhanced Customer Relationship

Customers who get items delivered to them quickly will develop positive opinions of your brand. Online customers want to receive their orders right away. The major drawback of online shopping is having to wait for delivery. Make your delivery as seamless and painless as possible with one-day shipping options.

2.  Fast Shipping Can Save You Money

As much as you may have to dig deep into your bank account to set up a one-day shipping delivery, the bottom-line benefits are significant. Saving money has a lot to do with building a long-lasting relationship with your customers. The reputation and professionalism you show will remain for a long time, helping you generate leads without spending money on advertisements.

3.  Keep Up With Competitors

Customers want to receive their orders fast and will always go for the fastest option. Sometimes they also wish for cheaper and faster delivery, making it hard to satisfy customers without these options. A reliable same-day shipping will enable you to keep up with the competition and meet your customer demands.

Bottom Line

The option for one-day shipping will likely become the standard of online deliveries. Retailers need to start preparing their delivery operations to match these growing trends. 

With technology-enabled delivery platforms like Elite EXTRA, you can implement one-day shipping without hassle. Our platform lets you compare and contrast rates between drivers to ensure you get the best service. Request a demo today to see it in action.


Colton Ward

Colton Ward


Colton Ward is our Strategic Marketing Coordinator at Elite EXTRA. Unofficially, he also likes to call himself the company's "Marketing Video Producer" so he can claim the title: "MVP". On a typical work day, you can find him coordinating product and brand marketing efforts, working on Elite EXTRA's next video, or building out the company's website. When not at work, he enjoys boating and skiing his way around Wisconsin's beautiful lakes!

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