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Using Elite EXTRA and External Delivery Service to deliver your Parts

Augment your delivery operations and increase customer satisfaction by dispatching orders to crowdsourced fleets such as Lyft or Postmates in your area!

EXTRA’s External Delivery Service, including Lyft and Postmates, is a feature of Elite EXTRA’s Advanced Routing and Dispatching software that allows a user to dispatch orders to crowdsourced fleets in their area. Within the dispatch screen, see a list of external delivery services including Lyft, their per-mile cost for delivery, and their estimated ETA to complete an order. From there, choose to dispatch an order to that service and receive real-time ETA updates of the driver to your warehouse to pick up the product, and the delivery leg to the end consumer.

Here’s How It Works:

Elite EXTRA is integrated with a variety of delivery services and EXTRA On-Demand to provide users with options for delivery other than the drivers they have on staff. Select an order or route with EXTRA’s dispatch and choose your preferred delivery method from the list of providers in your area which may include Lyft or Postmates. Each provider that is available will have a per-mile delivery rate along with an estimated time of delivery. After selecting an external delivery method, simply dispatch the order or route and get updated notifications from that delivery driver.

Why use the External Delivery Service?

Many retailers are struggling to fulfill the increasing demand of consumers to receive products quickly, receive them at home, and provide real-time visibility of the delivery. This paired with the shortage of delivery drivers is causing retailers’ delivery operations to break at the seams. EXTRA’s External Delivery Service gives support to these retailers to call in drivers when they need them - and only pay for the routes that they choose. Full visibility of the delivery to the consumer and the retailer ensures that the product will be delivered to the right place at the right time. Increase revenue without hiring more drivers.

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