Driver Vehicle Inspection Reporting: Is It Necessary for Delivery Companies?

by | Sep 29, 2022 | Blog, Routing & Dispatch

Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports: Are they Necessary for Delivery Companies?

Inspecting delivery vehicles and keeping an organized reports is the easiest way to maximize the life expectancy of your vehicles. So is driver vehicle inspection reporting important? We would say so!

According to Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), all commercial vehicles operating in the US should have updated driver vehicle inspection reporting (DVIR). The DVIRs are crucial in ensuring your vehicles are safe on the road and compliant with stipulated rules and regulations.

What is Driver Vehicle Inspection Reporting?

DVIR is a record that confirms that a driver has comprehensively inspected the vehicle. Inspections should be conducted at the beginning of a journey, right after the journey, or the day after. Ideally, they are classified as pre-trip and post-trip inspections of vehicles.
In good practice, the vehicle’s driver inspects the vehicle before and after a trip. The driver must then fill out the DVIR and specify the vehicle’s condition and the areas that require repairs and maintenance. DVIRs are especially important for drivers with CMVs that weigh 10,0001 and more, carry hazardous products, and CMVs for passenger hire. Because of this, all drivers of public commuter vehicles, buses, and vans must fill and submit a DVIR daily. The report must be completed whether the vehicle has any problem or not.

What to Report on DVIR?

The inspections help to improve safety have many direct and indirect benefits for your delivery company. DVIRs minimize rates of accidents, avoid delivery delays, and minimize various penalties and fines. Speaking of which, be sure to familiarize yourself with DVIR regulations to make sure you are not putting your business at risk for receiving a fine.
A driver must include any problems or defects in the following vehicle parts:

  • Brakes
  • Steering system
  • Horns
  • Tires
  • Windshield wipers
  • Reflectors and lights
  • Rearview mirrors
  • Air systems
  • Rims
  • First aid kits

What are the Uses of DVIRs?

The leading role of the DVIR is to certify that your company or carrier is aware of various safety concerns and has taken the proper steps to address them. It is a comprehensive record of the entire process, and all the parties must sign.

Having a trustworthy and observant driver is crucial variable to documenting reliable DVIRs. It is up to them to follow DVIR regulations, report daily, and schedule repairs.

Digital Vehicle Inspection Reports

Writing the DVIRs on paper limits drivers due to the inconvenience of accurately capturing the correct data. The paper format can also be lost or destroyed by weather elements. By integrating Elite EXTRA software, you can digitize and automate your reports to instantly upload them into your system. Elite EXTRA’s digital reports allow your drivers to include more detailed reports with features such as photos, location, and more. For enhanced convenience, drivers can even complete these forms from their phones.

Bottom Line

DVIRs are crucial for all delivery companies to improve safety and minimize accidents. Since vehicle’s faults are identified early enough, repairs can be done on time which helps prevent delays in the delivery process. Incorporating the Elite EXTRA software ensures that pre-trip and post-trip inspections are streamlined. 
To learn how you can automate the process of DVIRs, contact us today!


Colton Ward

Colton Ward


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