Driver Management Software for Couriers

by | Jul 15, 2022 | Blog, Routing & Dispatch

Driver Management Software for Couriers

Driver management is a series of processes that ensure drivers are safe and productive while en route. As the global domestic courier market continues impressively to grow, the lack of structure for drivers and increased demands raises several challenges. Driver Management software can help streamline courier services, protect drivers and attain customer satisfaction. When creating a driver management software, consider these main features to improve your driver management.

Driver Tracking

A recent survey reported that 32% of respondents witnessed a positive ROI in under 6 months while utilizing driver tracking. Fleet operators can monitor drivers speed, miles traveled, route, and fuel usage in real time promoting responsible and effective driving. An advantage to monitoring fuel usage helps businesses create efficient fuel choices to improve fleet efficiency..

Delivery Reporting

The driver reporting feature is a notification that contains information on a delivery status. Drivers can collect and upload digitized images that provide proof of delivery to consumers so, if a customer reports any delays, the digital proof helps resolve the matter amicably. Fleet managers and operators can access reports and other vital information without complicated paperwork via the driver management software. The reporting system keeps documents organized, secure, and accessible. 

Real-time Communication

Strong communication between drivers, customers, and the office is essential to an efficient delivery process. An excellent driver management software alerts fleet managers in real time about incidents in the field, including mechanical issues and accidents. The boosted communication enhances customer service by providing vital information on location and estimated arrival time of delivery. Additionally, customers get information about delays and changes in schedule. With timely information, fleet managers can respond promptly and avoid inconveniencing their customers. 


Managing customer expectations can be daunting, but the process is simpler with the right driver management software. A recent survey shows, 87% of customers become return clients if they have had a great experience with a company. The rating functionality helps to enhance customer service. With this feature, customers can rate the services they receive from courier drivers, helping fleet managers make the relevant changes to ensure their customers are satisfied.

Reliable and Affordable Courier Management Software

Driver management software helps nurture robust relationships between fleet managers and drivers while saving businesses time and money.. Elite Extra’s courier management software is the solution with exceptional features, such as driver tracking, real time communication, delivery reporting, and customer rating. This advanced software allows you to monitor your fleets remotely, enhance efficiency, boost driver retention, and increase profits. Contact us today for more information on how our courier management software can transform your business.


Susan Marcott

Susan Marcott


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