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Using Elite EXTRA to Navigate Last Mile Deliveries

Only a smarter route planner app can help you automate your entire route planning process. No need to enter in your own orders manually, integrate your ERP/DMS, and deliver away while you equip your workforce to track and optimize routes in real-time, even as changes are happening live. Automate multiple-stop routes in mere moments while maintaining route and driver visibility. Got a last-minute request? Exceed your customer expectations by meeting it. Easily manage your orders, route planning, dispatching, ETA times, GPS tracking, messaging with Elite EXTRA.

Necessary delivery route planner apps and tools are a must, of course, but gaining the critical know-how to use them best to maximize your productivity and efficiency is more important than just merely obtaining these apps and tools. How does that saying go: teach someone to dispatch efficiently, and they’ll be able to dispatch happily ever after? Something like that. Our company boasts the best trainers as well as the most award-winning support staff in the business.

Dispatchers can schedule and adjust any delivery using a wide array of time windows and/or priorities in real-time. By dispatching routes to mobile phones and/or tablets, the need for printouts or wondering where your drivers are at any time becomes a thing of the past. However, should printouts still be a part of your workflow, your choices are to print a manifest summary, a manifest with or without line item details, or simply just a manifest with the most essential info. A suite of data exporting functions also helps facilitate any manager’s portfolio of tools by analyzing the daily workflow to help fill any outstanding productivity gaps.

Being able to deliver on time while using reliable route plans and keeping in mind all of the parameters like traffic patterns, priorities, and last-minute changes are the holy grail of any company that makes deliveries. Using real-time GPS tracking data and up-to-the-minute ETA updates, keeping track of your fleet’s location as well as your drivers helps maintain the highest level of accountability and, of course, keep your deliveries on time. Short on drivers? No problem. With Elite EXTRA, a dispatcher who is in a pinch to deliver a high-priority item can simply click a button to have a Lyft or PostMates driver come by, pick up the item(s), and then deliver the item, all along while keeping track of the delivery.

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