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Using Elite EXTRA - Meeting the Growing Logistics Demands

Logistics. It’s in demand. However, service, safety, speed, and efficiency are recurring challenges. With SaaS technology, this service is scalable, which inherently addresses safety, speed, and efficiency. And all of that translates into a better revenue stream.

An advanced and intelligent delivery logistics dispatching system like Elite EXTRA can help free your dispatchers from needing to use cumbersome methods to track deliveries and driver locations. Both programmed and hotshot routes can be managed simultaneously via our advanced dispatching management engine. Make any route meet any delivery priorities and requirements. And while all of the pieces are moving on the dispatching screen, keep drivers and dispatchers on point with real-time alerts and messages.

Whether your fleet is internal or from external sources like couriers our advanced asset scheduler feature helps manage deliveries, vehicles, and drivers consistently and in real-time. Any mobile device user can download our intuitive EXTRA Driver app freely available both for iOS and Android platforms. Our most recently-updated app has the latest features and is designed to work most efficiently in tandem with the latest Elite EXTRA website SaaS upgrades performed regularly to keep pace with the latest delivery logistics demands.

Today’s dynamic delivery flows now demand better driver safety protocols based on hands-free safety and contact-free delivery methods such as photo capture technology. Our integration technology enriches this experience with synchronized data integration between technologies and data such as inventory and fleet data workflows. Only the most innovative and award-winning Delivery Logistics management company that keeps pace with the latest delivery logistics on a recurring basis is the answer to these challenges. Award-winning, like our latest one, being voted one of 2020’s best workplaces by Inc.

Elite EXTRA’s advanced system includes models and algorithms that increase this delivery logistics efficiency by accurately using real-time tracking tech accurately predicting delivery flows at every stage of a pickup or delivery scenario. Altogether, our fearless delivery system will help tackle your most important last mile challenges. Our customers can also easily follow all of these delivery logistics from their end as well. This visibility is end-to-end when integrating and syncing any conventional and eCommerce platforms in real-time.

Managing logistics can be time-intensive and unwieldy. But when you have advanced dispatching tools at your fingertips, this process becomes much more pleasant. Contact Elite EXTRA’s sale’s team to learn how we can help your business.

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