Delivery Attempted: What Does It Mean?

by | May 23, 2022 | Blog, Industry Insights

Delivery Attempted: What Does It Mean?

A delivery attempt means that a courier driver tried to deliver a parcel to a customer, but the delivery was not successful. In most cases, you’re likely to find a note left by the driver detailing the attempt and failed delivery.

Delivery attempts are usually successful when the driver or service provider is able to deliver the package to the actual addressee, put the package in a secure location or convey the parcel in some other way, such as handing it over to a neighbor that you recommend.

In case the delivery attempt is unsuccessful, the driver can leave a “Sorry We Missed You” note or card at your front door or in the recipient’s letterbox, with details on how you can collect your item. Here is what you should know about attempted delivery.

What to do after getting a delivery attempted notice

What happens after an attempted delivery fails depends on the policy of the shipping company responsible for the delivery. For instance, the Postal Service (USPS) makes 1 or 2 attempts to deliver, based on the carrier’s knowledge. If no one is available to receive the package and the carrier knows that someone at the address is not usually available to receive parcels, PS Form 3849 is completed and left after the first attempt.

Sometimes, an attempted delivery is visible in the online tracking system of your logistics service provider. You should therefore check whether there is any note or card left at your door or letterbox. The note will give you guidelines about your delivery and the actions to take. Sometimes, the package may be taken to a local Post Office to be held securely for you to pick up or returned to the sender.

What are the common reasons for a failed delivery attempt?

Here are just some of the most common causes of failed attempt delivery:

  • The receiver of the package is absent. This means there wasn’t any clear communication about the delivery due to lack of a delivery management system.
  • Incorrect or incomplete delivery address. If some details are missing, it is possible to have a failed attempted delivery. A delivery management system makes it possible to check delivery information before the delivery process starts.
  • Inability of the courier to access the delivery location.

Use a DMS to avoid attempted deliveries

It is important for companies to use a delivery management system to avoid attempted deliveries. The delivery management software can allow both the drivers and the customers to receive up-to-date notifications on when the delivery will arrive. This ensures that the customers are well-informed about their parcels and make adequate arrangements prior to receiving the delivery. With a delivery management system, companies can highly increase the number of successful deliveries and avoid refunds from failed attempted deliveries.

If you are looking for a reliable delivery management system to improve your deliveries and customer experience, consider implementing Elite EXTRA’s routing & dispatch software. Contact us to learn more and get started.


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Ben Halverson


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