Crowdsourced Fleets are Helping Retailers Achieve Faster Delivery Times

by | Feb 4, 2022 | Blog, Delivery Network

Crowdsourcing is Helping Achieve Faster Delivery Times

The increasing customer demands for speedy deliveries push retailers and their logistics partners to look for better last-mile delivery solutions. The steady rise of e-Commerce causes large daily parcel shipment volumes to skyrocket, and having an in-house delivery may not be enough to fulfill customer needs effectively.

The best solution to the real-world last-mile delivery problems is crowdsourced delivery, also called crowdsourced shipping. The emerging trend enables retailers to deliver packages to their customers by using local and non-professional courier services. The growing demand has seen many companies invest in this solution, proving that it can eliminate delivery downtimes in business. It is the only leverage retailers have against big players in the retail world, such as Amazon.

Why Crowdsourced Delivery?

Crowdsourced delivery offers various benefits to both retailers and customers. The primary benefits of using these third-party fleets are to enable businesses to get their online orders fast to their customers — mainly in an hour or less. It helps them meet their customer expectations for instant gratification. Crowdsourcing deliveries also ensure no downtime while eliminating the need for additional time and costs to make multiple delivery attempts.

Crowdsourcing delivery is an excellent example of tech-heavy and asset-light solutions. Drivers use their own cars and get paid after making a delivery. They can get the orders directly from the retailer’s store, preventing the stress of sorting products in warehouses. With crowdsourcing, it helps to reduce the time taken from making an order to starting shipping and reducing some of the high costs businesses need for on-demand shipping. Furthermore, even Amazon now uses the model by recruiting independent couriers like Amazon Flex.

Role of Technology in Crowdsourced Delivery

The essential role of tech in this delivery model is to provide a centralized platform that allows for seamless delivery management. Companies and couriers use delivery management cloud-based applications that offer real-time updates and visibility across the supply chain from the start, progress, and end-user. There are also driver apps that effectively provide fast communication and flow of delivery as it supports product tracking with contactless proof of delivery.

It is the best way to respond to real-time demands to alert customers on the accurate arrival time of their orders. This allows them to be notified when the deliveries are running late or ahead of schedule to ensure they are always updated on the delivery schedule. This data helps enhance delivery performance and helps companies make the right decisions for current and future operations.

The Future of Crowdsourcing and Same-Day Deliveries

The rising consumer expectation for speedy deliveries will increase, making crowdsource delivery the top solution for companies looking to expand further. Most US consumers have great interest in same-day shipping and are willing to pay extra money for it. There are also several companies like Lyft already offering quality delivery services for most companies.

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