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Chain of Custody

While accurate deliveries and pickups are vital for all businesses, having a streamlined chain of custody is imperative for some industries due to compliance regulations. Chain of custody refers to the document or “paper” trail of an order or product from the time of request until the final delivery.

Managing and Tracking Deliveries

Advanced dispatching software, such as Elite EXTRA, allows businesses to more efficiently manage and monitor their products, deliveries, and drivers. With Elite EXTRA, routes are dispatched to drivers, who then manage their deliveries and pickups using a mobile app. Barcode scanning allows them an added level of security to ensure they have the proper materials. Drivers mark when they depart, arrive, and deliver on their routes. These timestamps are sent back to the Elite EXTRA system, where they are documented within the order history and on a variety of reports providing a streamlined chain of custody experience. In addition, drivers can capture electronic signatures and take photos of their deliveries and pickups, which can be accessed within the Elite EXTRA site at any time.

Mobile Application

The delivery process through the mobile app is user-friendly and guides the drivers through the necessary delivery tasks. As drivers use their mobile device app to scan barcodes or mark the status of their deliveries, the information is collected and electronically sent back to the Elite EXTRA software, where orders can be tracked and stored. This cuts down on paper costs and reduces the chances of documents getting misplaced or lost along the way. Reports can be run based on this order information, providing organizations with the tracking and chain of custody information needed to ensure they are remaining in compliance and efficiently managing their orders, deliveries, and pickups. Dispatchers can also see the location of drivers and the status of their routes, allowing them to more efficiently plan for future deliveries and pickups.

Route Optimization

In addition to providing a streamlined chain of custody, advanced dispatching software also provides route optimization. While all businesses are striving to deliver goods and services in a timely manner, it could be a matter of life and death for some medical organizations. When dealing with the transportation of organs, blood, and platelets, for example, it is imperative that drivers are taking the most efficient routes possible to save lives. Elite EXTRA optimizes routes at the time of dispatch, and the mobile app allows drivers to receive step-by-step driving directions to their destinations.

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