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How To Keep Track of Anything with a Barcode

Arguably, one of the most important advancements today is being able to scan any item that has a barcode and being able to discern all of its encoded data. There are three main parts to a barcode-based scanning system.

First, there’s a central server running a database that keeps a tally of all products, who makes it, what each one costs, how many are available, etc. Second, the barcodes are clearly displayed on the outside of these products. Finally, there’s at least one or more scanning devices that can read these barcodes.

Since barcode scanning also happens on a device, it doesn’t require a network connection. Although, without some sort of way for that device to communicate with a central computer, there doesn’t seem to be much logic to using a barcode scanning system. Different methods of wireless communication, such as WiFi and Bluetooth, are being used to that end today. Ultimately, barcode scanning has become a convenient way to pass information from the real world to any end-user application.

Being able to scan a barcode with any device is a relatively simple matter. On the other hand, being able to recognize and parse this encoded data on the receiving end, becomes the real crux. After all, this barcode scanning system is only as good as its data. Any established barcode scanning workflow can be integrated into the Elite EXTRA system. And if necessary, the Regex code can be further adjusted as well.

In Elite EXTRA, barcodes can be used to scan barcoded-invoices to a manifest using a barcode scanner app on a smartphone device by a driver. This driver can then take the deliveries out to the customers without the need for a dispatcher. This same smartphone can then also further be used to track the delivery in real-time, capture any delivery signature and photos, and scan any barcodes again at the customer’s location as verification. Barcode scanning can also be used within Elite EXTRA to track warehouse picking workflow and verify orders prior to loading. Elite EXTRA also allows for custom barcode label creation and printing.

Barcode scanning can be an important part of any workflow, and Elite EXTRA is equipped to help you process your products efficiently.

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