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Auto Suggest and Auto Route Features of Elite EXTRA

Stop wondering if your delivery routes could be more efficient, or if the orders you’re delivering should’ve been sent with another driver because they’re already in that area. With Elite EXTRA’s Auto Suggest and Auto Route features, the work is done for you.

“Auto Suggest” is a feature that will find the most optimal active route to add a selected, unassigned order to while taking into consideration the time and upcoming deadlines in which you want to deliver to your priority customers. If a priority cannot be met, the user will receive an error. If an order is added to a suggested route and the stop falls outside the requested time deadline or “windows, the user will be notified another action will have to be taken.

The “Auto Route” feature allows the user to select a group of unassigned orders, enter the number of routes and automatically create that number of routes. With Auto Route you can:

So, how do the Auto Suggest and Auto Route features help you and your business?

Like many of our features, the Auto Suggest and Auto Route are included in our base rate. To learn more about us and for more key features we offer, visit http://eliteextra.com/features.

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