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What are the perks of using an asset scheduler?

The asset scheduler is a helpful tool built to fit the needs of those who schedule assets, such as vehicles, based on delivery time windows, The asset scheduler displays information in a calendar view to display information in a simple and easy to understand format. The scheduler can also be set up by an individual driver instead of by a specific vehicle for additional flexibility. Elite EXTRA’s asset scheduler can be customized to meet each customers’ hours of operation, and it can be filtered by vehicles or drivers for each location on a shared site.

The asset scheduler allows for the scheduling of deliveries and pickups to be assigned to individual vehicles or drivers either the day of or many days in advance. It can also be used to create reservations for vehicles and drivers, which can be used for activities such as vehicle maintenance or drivers’ vacation schedules to block off an asset for a specific period of time. With the asset scheduler, businesses can set up order load types and unload times for customers, which will be taken into consideration when scheduling deliveries and pickups. In addition, the asset scheduler will account for payload capacity, volume, cubes, and number of pallets.

Elite EXTRA’s asset scheduler can be filtered by day and location. In addition, there are options to color-code order statuses and display pickup notes. The asset scheduler can also be closed for a specific day, which is a helpful feature for holidays and weekends.

To use Elite EXTRA’s asset scheduler, orders can simply be dragged and dropped into a time slot for the appropriate day and vehicle or driver. As orders are placed on the asset scheduler, Elite EXTRA will simultaneously build and optimize manifests, which then can be easily dispatched to drivers with just a couple of clicks. Orders and routes can just as easily be adjusted by dragging the order from one-time slot to another or entirely deleted. The functionality allows minimal work for your dispatching staff to plan current and future deliveries for specific assets.

The asset scheduler can also be used in conjunction with Elite EXTRA’s autoroute feature; thus, eliminating the decision making responsibility for dispatching staff while still maintaining the creation of efficient manifests and routes.

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