Advanced Dispatch Technology: The Benefits of Fleet Augmentation

Nov 18, 2020 | Blog, Delivery Network

Advanced Dispatch Technology: The Benefits of Fleet Augmentation

Delivery has become such an integral part of business lately, and many companies are struggling to develop a delivery operation that can meet the increased customer demands. Partnering with advanced dispatch platforms has been the solution these companies have needed in order to streamline delivery operations without breaking the budget.

This technology provides a number of features for maximizing delivery efficiency, but one key benefit is allowing companies to augment their fleets with on-demand crowd-sourced and courier drivers. With customer delivery demands reaching all-time highs and driver shortages continuing to be a major issue, having additional options to make deliveries is imperative. 

External Delivery Services

One very promising solution to both of these concerns comes in the form of external delivery services functionality within advanced dispatch technology. This feature utilizes integrations between advanced dispatch technology and crowd-sourced and courier fleets so that dispatchers have multiple delivery options at their disposal for every delivery. Meeting strict time-windows becomes easier than ever when dispatchers can call on crowd-sourced or courier fleets to complete a delivery right in the advanced dispatch platform that they are using.

Comparing Delivery Options In Real-Time

One major benefit of this feature is allowing dispatchers to compare prices and delivery times of all the delivery options available in order to maximize ROI on every delivery. This real-time “price-shopping” can save companies a great deal of time and money with each delivery made.

This is just one of the many benefits of partnering with the right advanced dispatch platform for your company. It is innovative technology like this that helps companies adapt through rapidly changing times like these and survive the next round of disruption that is sure to come.

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