5 Tips for Improving Your Auto Parts Returns Management

by | Aug 9, 2022 | Blog, Returns Automation

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If you’re like most automotive or wholesale auto parts businesses, you probably have a returns management process that’s far from perfect. You might find yourself dealing with customer complaints, or struggling to keep up with the volume of unused parts returns. However, there is a solution: Elite EXTRA! With our Returns Automation software, you can streamline your entire process and make it more efficient. By using Elite EXTRA Returns Automation, and incorporating these five tips, your return worries are sure to disappear in no time!

Separating and Grouping Parts 

In any auto parts-intensive operation, effective parts management is crucial to success.  One key element of parts management is to keep like parts together in separate piles. This helps to ensure that parts are not misplaced or lost as they are returned and that they are readily available when needed. Additionally, separating parts into like piles makes it easier to identify when a particular part is running low so that it can be restocked before it runs out completely. Finally, separating parts into like piles helps to keep the work area organized and efficient, making it easier for everyone to do their jobs. Ultimately, taking a few minutes to separate parts into like piles can save a lot of time and headache down the line.

Inspect for Damage 

According to Inspektlabs, checking parts for damage is a crucial part of parts management. By regularly inspecting each part, you can identify any damage that has occurred and take steps to repair or replace the damaged parts. This will allow you to restock and resell the parts after they are returned, as well as ensure proper functionality for the next customer. Furthermore, it can also help to identify any potential safety concerns that need to be addressed. Thus, regular inspection of parts is an important part of maintaining a well-functioning returned parts management system.

Create an Inventory 

Parts management is an important but often overlooked aspect of the business. Keeping track of all the parts that make up your product or service can be a daunting task, but it’s essential for ensuring that your business runs smoothly. A parts inventory helps you to keep track of what parts you have on hand, what parts you need to order, and when parts need to be replaced. It can also help you to identify parts that are no longer being used or that are surplus to requirements. Creating a parts inventory may seem like a time-consuming task, but it will make managing your returns so much easier if you have one set ahead of time.

Tracking Numbers 

TradeGecko acknowledges that the practice of assigning a part number to each piece is essential for keeping track of inventory and knowing when to reorder. But what exactly is a part number? A part number is simply a code that identifies a particular component or product. It can be as simple as a series of letters and numbers, or it may include special characters and symbols. Regardless of its format, every part number must be unique so that it can be easily tracked and traced. In most cases, parts are assigned numbers based on their manufacturer, type, or function. By assigning numbers to parts, businesses can streamline their operations and ensure that they always have the right components on hand, and can easily reorganize any parts that may come back.

Bag & Tag 

To keep track of all the parts that have been returned, it is important to bag and tag each one (this process can be used for parts that need to be shipped as well). This way, you can easily identify which parts go together and where they need to be sent. Bagging and tagging also help to prevent parts from getting lost or damaged within the building or in transit. When you receive a shipment, take a few moments to check that all the parts are accounted for and in good condition. If any parts are missing or damaged, you will need to file a claim with the shipping company. In most cases, they will reimburse you for the cost of the parts and shipping. By taking these simple steps, you can help ensure that your parts arrive on time and in good condition.

Bottom Line 

Parts inventory is an important part of the returns process. By creating an organized inventory and tracking process ahead of time, returns can be more easily managed once in the building. Paired with Elite EXTRA’s Returns Automation software, your returns process will be running smoothly in no time. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help streamline your returns process!




Susan Marcott

Susan Marcott


Susan is the Executive Vice President, Chief People and Project Officer, and all-around master of everything at Elite EXTRA. Susan enjoys spending time with her two daughters and relaxing with wine - a lot. Susan had dreams of becoming a famous journalist like Lois Lane but instead uses her Super Organized superpower to help keep everyone on task and in line.

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