5 Reasons Why Your Delivery Company Needs a Dispatching Software

by | May 23, 2022 | Blog, Routing & Dispatch

5 Reasons Why Your Delivery Company Needs a Dispatching Software

According to a 2021 survey posted by Statista, 56% of global consumers choose online shopping since they can do so regardless of the time or place. The demand for quick deliveries and online shopping is growing exponentially, and deliveries are becoming a key factor of customer experience.

Without an effective dispatching system, companies spend a lot of time tracking vehicles manually, organizing routes, and planning for drivers’ schedules. A dispatching software makes managing these processes seamless.

A dispatching software simplifies deliveries by automating routing and scheduling processes. Businesses use it to coordinate routes and deliveries to ensure they reach the customer as quickly and efficiently as possible. Here are the key benefits of dispatching software your business will achieve after switching from legacy systems.

Key benefits of using dispatching software

1. Improved scalability

Every growing business will experience a unique set of challenges. Managers always end up in unfamiliar territories, such as managing more resources and personnel than anticipated. The situation can get a lot more challenging when using manual methods for dispatch management.

Luckily, dispatching software can ease those worries and aid in the growth of your company. A good dispatching software should be able to adapt to any industry or company size, whether it is growing or shrinking.

2. Enhanced reliability and customer satisfaction

Modern customers want to know the exact time frame they should expect their ordered items. It requires more tedious planning than is impossible to manage with manual processes. Advanced dispatching software allows you to monitor your fleet in real-time, offering you accurate data to make accurate predictions.

You can keep the customer updated along the delivery journey without hassle. Customers have access to a live chat feature to inquire about the status of their orders and live driver tracking capabilities to see where their delivery is. In the end, you will have more satisfied customers that will amplify your business’s bottom line.

3. Predictive Maintenance

Field service businesses rely heavily on the equipment and vehicles they use. Prevent downtimes by servicing your fleet before developing issues. Advanced dispatch software uses sensors to identify signs of failure beforehand so that you can repair them as soon as possible.

4. Business Intelligence Tools

Dispatching software offers the business intelligence tools to present data visually on charts and customizable dashboards. These are extremely easy to interpret than numerical data. The business can use the data to interpret and track its performance based on delivery times, order completion, customer satisfaction, and transportation costs.

5. Automate Tasks

Automation is increasingly becoming a critical aspect for businesses operating online. With dispatching software, you have access to effective tools for automating, assigning, and scheduling drivers to their tasks. You also have access to real-time traffic reports to avoid slow routes and make deliveries faster.

Get Started With Reliable Dispatching Software from Elite EXTRA

Elite EXTRA’s routing and dispatch software is the best when it comes to streamlining deliveries. With features such as driver tracking, POD capture, optimized routing, barcode scanning, and customer notifications, dispatching has never been easier. To learn more about our routing and dispatching software, contact us today. We look forward to helping you enhance your customers’ delivery experience.





Ben Halverson

Ben Halverson


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