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Elite EXTRA’s advanced, fully integratable infrastructure allows us to build synergies with other software platforms for our customers.

Elite EXTRA’s advanced, fully integratable infrastructure allows us to build synergies with other software platforms for our customers. We utilize APIs, making it faster to receive and share information with the existing software of our customers.

EXTRA is integratable with any ordering platform to process orders automatically throughout the day. Saving in-house staff time from manually entering in orders to our software. As the orders come through, EXTRA is capable of storing an abundance of information. As long as everything is entered correctly initially, the order information is accurately stored in EXTRA to better serve our customers. We currently work with almost 30 integration types, if you have any ordering platform, chances are EXTRA is fully integratable with it.

For our clients to use EXTRA, they need to have orders to dispatch to their drivers. 99% of the time, those orders get into EXTRA via integration. There are multiple ways in which this integration happens, but the end result is always the same: orders populate into EXTRA.

At a high level, our customers enter orders into their own system: it can be a point of sale system, Dealer Management System (DMS, wholesale/truck), Warehouse Management System (WMS, aftermarket), or generally, their ERP (electronic resource planning) system. Either way, we want to grab those orders/trips from their system and bring them into EXTRA. Orders are generally made up of the following details: invoice number, PO, customer name, customer ID, address info and order info (parts, line items, invoice dollar values).

To help explain the process, here is a generic EXTRA user workflow:

  1. Customer enters an order into their ERP system.
  2. This data is sent to us automatically.
  3. Those orders, in the form of an XML, hit our archives to be picked up by EXTRA’s readers. Our readers determine what makes it into EXTRA. The system can exclude specific orders based on specific data points. The readers can even tell which territory/route/zone an order should be assigned to.
  4. If there is no reason for exclusion, the order hits both the order grid and dispatch build/monitor (DM) and is available to be assigned to a manifest and dispatched to a driver.

When sites are set up and on an ongoing basis, we try to simplify their workflow as best we can. We at EXTRA pride ourselves on working with other software providers to ensure that our customers’ have a suite of programs that communicate effectively.

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