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EXTRA is an online, real-time software tool that drives ROI and lowers operational costs by streamlining your distribution and delivery processes.

Via seamless integration with your order management system, ERP, DMS, WMS, or virtually any platform you use, your orders automatically feed right into EXTRA, in real-time. From there, those orders can be sent directly into scheduled runs, sent to a delivery queue, or are ready to be put in an optimized route sequence and dispatched.

No matter how you do business, or what your routes look like, EXTRA can makes it very easy for you to get your drivers dispatched, and out on the road, with optimized route sequences and manifests sent right to their mobile devices. By transforming your dispatch and delivery operations into automated and integrated traffic control centers, EXTRA increases productivity for your dispatchers and drivers, while reducing vehicle and fuel expenses.

Drivers are tracked through GPS on their mobile devices – smart phones or tablets – giving you complete visibility of your drivers at any given time. EXTRA’s real-time tracking provides accurate ETAs, which you can share with your customer service team, or push to your customers. This has proven to provide an incremental sales lift. Whether scanning, capturing signatures, or communicating with dispatch, those mobile devices empower your drivers to take care of business.

While the benefits associated with routing and tracking systems improve operations across various markets, we realize that each environment is unique, which is why EXTRA is customizable to your industry. See our Industries section to learn more about which industries we serve.

Custom Features:

Signature capture

Barcode scanning

Spanish version

Business Intelligence Reports

EXTRA's Business Intelligence (BI) tools aid in improving decision making and profitability, reducing costs, and identifying new business opportunities. With our reports, you will be able to shine a spotlight on inefficiencies, and use EXTRA to correct them.

POD e-Signatures

Secure proof of delivery (POD) right on your mobile device - with electronic signature capture. That digital signature then gets affixed in real-time to POD documents which can be printed, filed, or emailed as PDFs.

Real-Time ETAs

Because EXTRA uses real-time GPS tracking right on your drivers' mobile devices, estimated time of arrival, or ETA, is updated every five to 30 seconds. That ETA can then be pushed to a customer portal for your customers to view.

Route Management

Manage your routes at all times, even if your driver is already on the road. Add, remove, and change stops while alerting your driver at the same time. Making a change mid-route is as easy as a couple of mouse clicks.

Real-Time GPS Tracking

Drivers and parts are tracked through the GPS in smartphones or tablets, in real-time. Greater accountability; fewer unauthorized stops, and fewer calls between customer and distributor.

Route Sequence Optimization

Route Sequence Optimization means getting your drivers out on their routes, and back in the door as efficiently as possible. Know what your routes look like, or how much they can change from minute to minute, EXTRA automates that process.