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Driver Shortages? Introducing the Elite EXTRA Delivery Network

Staffing shortages are happening all over the world. Restaurants, wholesalers, and retailers are fighting to find employees to fill the demand gaps. These staffing shortages are equally impacting the transportation and delivery industries. How are businesses filling these driver shortages?

Introducing the Elite EXTRA Delivery Network. Since 2018 we have been pioneering, testing and rolling out our third party driver network to help meet growing delivery demands and fill gaps in driver shortages. In this 30 minute webinar we will show you how we have been simplifying delivery operations and empowering fleets by building a growing network of crowdsourced delivery providers. In this webinar we discuss what is to come with the Elite EXTRA Delivery Network in 2022, and what that means for improving your delivery operations.

Discussed in this Webinar:
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