Steps to Automating Last-Mile Deliveries in 2024 & Beyond

by | Apr 8, 2024 | White Papers

Steps to automating last mile deliveries in 2024 & beyond

Moving Beyond Buzzwords to Actionable Automations

With the meteoric rise of AI and ML algorithms recently, it’s nearly impossible to tell what technology is ready for implementation into logistics operations…and what technology is just riding the hype. In this white paper, we cut through the buzzwords surrounding the topic of logistics automation and answer the question:

What automation opportunities are ready to implement into your operations today?

Discover 5 key technologies that are automating last-mile deliveries today, not some indeterminant date in the future. Each of these automation opportunities have been tested and proven to maximize logistics efficiency and enhance deliveries:

  1. Automated Order Management & Integration
    • Shown to reduce order-to-cash cycle times by more than 20%
  2. Automated Route Optimization & Scheduling
    • Decrease average drive time per route by 21 minutes & save $10.36 per route
  3. Automated Multi-Fleet Dispatch
    • Experience delivery savings of $72,000 – $120,000 annually
  4. Automated Delivery Notifications
    • Reach the 90% of consumers who want to be engaged during the delivery process
  5. Automated Returns Policy Enforcement
    • Shown to reduce overall returns by 17% and save $272,000 annually on returns

In this white paper, we dive deeper into each of these opportunities and the benefits they can offer for automating deliveries. We also provide a blueprint for how companies can implement all 5 of these technologies at once to revolutionize their last-mile delivery operations.

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