Same Day Deliveries: Industry Leaders Offer a Roadmap for the Future

by | Jun 4, 2020 | Webinars

Industry leaders offer a road map for the future

Rising consumer demand for home deliveries has given businesses a huge opportunity for growth, and those who are prepared to meet challenges head-on will have a competitive advantage in the last mile delivery race. Contact-free deliveries, customer time windows, externally sourced and on demand drivers, and same-day offerings are all part of the equation.

What You Will Learn:

  • How customer expectations have evolved through the pandemic and how to fulfill them
  • How ERP platforms are adjusting for the success of their customers
  • Valuable tips on managing increased deliveries to the home
  • Necessary steps to keep your drivers and customers safe in the future
  • Tips on creating a full-view and positive customer experience
  • Technology features that will transform your last mile deliveries

Speaker Panel:

  • Larry Bowar – Sr. Business Development Mgr. – Panasonic (Moderator)
  • Jon Ward – V.P., Chief Sales Officer – Elite EXTRA
  • Sam Plunkett – Sr. Business Development Mgr. – Lyft
  • Frank Motta – Vice President – CAI Software, LLC
  • Kristina Elsner – Innovation Leader – Mayer Electric Supply
  • Rick Monterio – Parts Director – Jack Powell CDJR/MOPAR

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