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Write Effective Consumer Satisfaction Surveys To Improve Your Delivery Business

Consumers are the drivers of delivery business, for without them there would be no one to deliver products to. Consumers drive innovations to help meet their ever-changing needs and wants. But how does a business know if its consumers are satisfied with the product or service it provides?

Unraveling Reverse Logistics - The Challenges and Opportunities of the Returns Process

Largely because of the coronavirus pandemic, the 2020 holiday season saw a 32% growth in online spending over the 2019 season, totaling $188.2 billion. The increase in online sales also means an increase in online returns, estimated to be as much as 30% for some types of merchandise.

Change The World - How Holiday Delivery is Different in 2020

Do you remember the first time you heard about coronavirus? Officially it is “severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2” (SARS-CoV-2), or COVID-19. When you first heard of it did you say to yourself “from this moment on, my life will not be the same?” Probably not, but the reality is, the virus has changed the world. Millions of cases, hundreds of thousands of deaths. It has crushed economies, destroyed industries, disenfranchised millions of workers. The worldwide political, economic, emotional, and spiritual damage is enormous. But this isn’t the whole story.

Last Mile Delivery In a Pandemic

Last mile delivery, which refers to the final stretch of a product’s journey from warehouse to recipient, is about to become more crucial than ever. COVID-19 is not a low-stakes cause; many lives will depend on the expert routing and delivery of these vaccines to clinics and hospitals. This is precisely why it is so important to have a solid plan for your routing and logistics, no matter what you are delivering.

The Last Mile Now Re-imagined in the Latest Disruption

What are the new challenges in last-mile deliveries? Last mile deliveries have always been fraught with challenges, ranging from the tremendous cost of those deliveries to increasing consumer demands. And now in the face of COVID-19, those challenges have increased tenfold with a greater demand for deliveries combined with additional consumer expectations.

5 Ways the Coronavirus Has Changed Last Mile Deliveries

With social distancing now being the norm throughout the world, businesses that — in the past — have relied on inbound foot traffic to move merchandise, food, groceries, drugs, medical supplies, and other items are now scrambling to get into the game of “last mile” deliveries so they can compete.

How Companies Are Using Technology To Stay On Course During The Pandemic

With mass uncertainty about what would happen the COVID-19 pandemic began to shake the foundation of our world. In the months that have followed, we have begun to evolve a new way of doing business. With more flexibility than before, consumer business experts believe that many of the practices we are now establishing will become permanent.

Go Green! Help Your Environment and Your Bottomline

Businesses that are involved in logistics, supply chain, or deliveries of any kind can be especially impactful on green movements, as they are the ones involved with moving the food chain and ensuring that customers receive their items in an efficient manner.

Defining And Shrinking The Last Mile – Advanced dispatch technology’s role in last mile deliveries

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3 Ways That Delivery And Dispatch Technology Can Improve The Customer Experience

Oftentimes, businesses will take strides to improve their customer experience without knowing exactly what areas they need to improve. Finding these areas of improvement are often difficult, especially when it comes to delivering products and services to businesses and to the home.

Overcoming the Challenges of Recruiting Truckers and Drivers During the Pandemic

For the transportation and logistics industry there’s a certain irony to the job market situation since COVID-19 emerged as a significant concern in the US: while many, many people find themselves out of work and most companies are putting a halt on recruitment, the demand for drivers is increasing exponentially.

7 Powerful Tips to Reduce Last Mile Delivery Costs

Quick, safe, and efficient delivery are at the heart of every company today with customer satisfaction being its primary driver. However, increased demand for delivery has brought increased delivery costs. So how can your company reduce last mile delivery costs while meeting demand and providing exceptional customer experience?

5 Reasons Why Pharmacies Should Offer Home Deliveries

Patients are increasingly turning to delivery services to get their prescription drugs during coronavirus lockdowns, a shift from the traditional visit with a pharmacist that is expected to endure after the pandemic subsides.

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