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We look forward to working with you to ensure that your transition to Elite EXTRA is easy and stress-free! We are here to help guide you through the learning process and will strive to make it the best experience possible.

Welcome Aboard!

Your Elite EXTRA account manager will be asking several questions regarding your workflow and site setup during your Kickoff Call. Below, you can find the basic agenda and some questions to be prepared to answer during the call. This call is exploratory in nature, and if you do not have answers to all of these questions yet, don’t worry. The Kickoff Call will set a baseline that will help us work together to determine your unique workflow.

Basic Kickoff Call Agenda

      • Introductions
      • Integration Questions
      • Site Admin Role and Capabilities
      • Basic Set-Up
        • Driver Templates
        • Driver Profiles
        • Staff Users
      • Route Workflow & Setup
      • Establish Training Plan


Device recommendations

Mobile Applications

Questions to Consider Prior to the Call

Please discuss internally, and invite the necessary people from your company to answer these questions during the call.

      • What is your plan for driver devices? (Supplied, Driver’s Own, iOS or Android)
      • How will you structure username and passwords?
      • What tasks do you want the drivers to perform? (Signatures/Photos, Removing or Reordering Stops, etc.)
      • Will you be utilizing scheduled runs and how often should they build?

Integration Related Questions

      • Do you use Ship Vias? If yes, do you want any included/excluded from coming into Elite EXTRA?
      • Do you want orders with negative dollar amounts included/excluded?
      • Do you have Cash on Delivery (COD) orders? If yes, how are they identified?
      • Do you have any accounts or customers we should exclude from coming into Elite EXTRA?

From our team to yours: cheers!

We look forward to working with you


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