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The EXTRA Difference

With so many solutions on the market, we at Elite EXTRA push ourselves to stay at the cutting-edge of technology. We partner with our customers and work together to customize our advanced solution to their operations - improving efficiency and reducing costs. This partnership means that we will be at your side throughout the rollout process, in your first week of usage, and every week that follows. Below are a sample of ways that we at EXTRA separate ourselves from the competition and why we are the best choice for your organization.

Software as a Service

EXTRA is a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution which means that there are no servers installed at a customers’ location and no files that need to be updated. Every Elite EXTRA site is hosted in the cloud and can be accessed from anywhere with only a device and internet connection.

Fully Integratable

Elite EXTRA’s advanced, fully integratable infrastructure allows us to build synergies with other software platforms for our customers. Utilizing API’s, EXTRA can also integrate with any ordering platform to ingest orders automatically throughout the day. Additionally, EXTRA can send a plethora of order information to other programs to better serve our customers. We at EXTRA pride ourselves on working with other software providers to ensure that our customers’ have a suite of programs that communicate effectively.


Flexibility allows EXTRA to customize the solution to fit your exact workflow needs. With hundreds of options and features, EXTRA works with you to pick the ones that will be the most useful for your business. Looking to the future, it's this flexibility that allows EXTRA to grow and evolve with your business.

Reliable and Friendly Support

The goal of our friendly, Midwestern support team is to be available 24/7, on the first ring, to answer any questions about the Elite EXTRA software. Our in-house, trained professionals on our support team can log into your EXTRA site to see what you’re seeing and answer questions quickly. Give us a call or send us an email at any time and we will be there to ensure a positive EXTRA experience.

Cost Effective and Risk-Free

Elite EXTRA is a subscription based technology meaning that all of our customers get the full suite of features, enhancements, and applications for a low price. The software is updated every 8 weeks with new features that are rolled out to our entire customer base for no added cost. Additionally, all of our clients are on month-to-month agreements where they can cancel usage for free at any time - we don't lock our customers into lengthy contracts.

Proven Return on Investment

Route optimization, either by allowing for fewer drivers out or packing more stops into current routes, is just the tip of the iceberg in cutting your delivery and service costs. Route profitability reporting will show you exactly how to further streamline your routing and dispatch operations. From reducing fuel and maintenance costs, insurance rates, working-hours, and everything in between, you will see savings right away.


With our real-time GPS tracking system, you’ll know exactly where your drivers are at all times, and more importantly: where they've been and where they're going. Signature capture and photo capture functionality ensures that you will have professional proof of delivery and service documents for all of your orders. ETA’s for your drivers sets an important expectation of when deliveries or services need to be completed by - driving efficiency.

More Routing Options

Teaming up with EXTRA will give you more options. Through our recurring routes, zoned runs, asset scheduler, fleet augmentation, and external delivery options, Elite EXTRA is constantly innovating to provide a cutting-edge, innovative solution to help you achieve more.

Going Green

Green technology is cost-saving technology. With efficient routing, see your gasoline costs shrink as your drivers complete more deliveries and service orders in less miles. Reduced gasoline usage also equates to less greenhouse gas emissions. Additionally, utilize EXTRA’s mobile route sheets and electronic signatures to reduce the overwhelming amount of paperwork that is printed everyday.

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