Make Informed Decisions with Business Analytics & Reports

A feature of Elite EXTRA Routing & Dispatch

Empower your managers with key logistics insights through Routing & Dispatch’s business analytics & reporting suite

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Setup the software to measure key performance indicators like time windows, cost factors, performance targets and more


Explore the numerous logistics-focused reports available within Routing & Dispatch and analyze the data for key insights


Export all of your logistics data for reviewing in external tools and setup automated reports to send directly to your email inbox

All of the data you need, at your fingertips

Track, analyze and report on the key performance indicators that your team needs to dial in your logistics operations

Business Analytics & Reports Benefits

A feature of Routing & Dispatch

All logistics data in one place

Informed decision making

Visibility into exceptions

A list of logistics reports to choose from on a desktop screen

Routing & Dispatch

Last Mile Logistics Software

Optimized route planning

Real-time driver tracking

Customer ETA notifications

Looking to get a better handle on your logistics data?

Every feature you'll ever need

We use our 25+ years of industry experience to craft a comprehensive feature set


Optimized route planning

Automated routing & dispatching

Real-time GPS tracking

Customer ETA notifications

Photo & signature capture

EXTRA Driver mobile app

Route scheduling

Robust reporting suite

24/7 customer support


And much more!

Let's customize a logistics solution for your operations together

Frequently asked questions

Have questions about how business analytics and reporting work within Routing & Dispatch?

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What type of data is available in Routing & Dispatch's reports?

In Routing & Dispatch, you’ll have access to numerous reports that highlight data from a number of areas within your logistics operation. Here’s a list of a few of the categories of reports we offer:

  • Driver performance reports
  • Customer-focused reports
  • Order details reports
  • Route performance and information reports
  • Exceptions reports
  • Costs, profitability and financial reports
  • And more!
Can I control who in my organization has access to what data and reports?

Yes! Access to every report can be controlled on a user-by-user basis, so you can make sure that every user only sees the data that they need to see.

Can I send reports automatically to my email on a recurring basis?

Yes! You can schedule any report to automatically send to you and your team’s email addresses on whatever recurring basis works for you.

Can I export data from the system to Microsoft Excel or other business intelligence tools?

Yes! You can export any report in an Excel or CSV format so you can manipulate the data as you see fit in the external BI tools of your choosing. The system can also integrate with your internal tools to automatically export reporting data as needed.

If I'm a user of Returns Automation or Delivery Network, are there reports for those products too?

Yes, the Routing & Dispatch reporting suite isn’t just for that product. If you are a user of Returns Automation and/or Delivery Network, there are a variety of reports to use that provide actionable product returns and third-party delivery insights.

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