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Elite EXTRA’s routing and dispatch software is a great way to automate multi-stop last mile delivery routes. Our multi-stop route planning tools help you build efficient routes that reduce delivery time and expenses.

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Award Winning Multi-Stop Route Planning Software

Whether your a delivering auto parts or flowers our last mile multi-stop routing planning software is a great way to help your business reduce it’s delivery times and expenses. Having the ability to optimize routes with multiple stops gives your delivery drivers the ability to have the fastest route that reduces down time.

Our award winning software provides you the ability to dispatch, route and track your fleet all in real time. If you have one driver or a full fleet, our multi-stop route planning features allow you to see have an entirely efficient delivery process at your fingertips.

Last Mile Delivery Software

 Multi-Stop Route Planning Software Features

Our cloud-based solution will give your staff a full suite of features that powers your last mile deliveries with ease.  You can build multiple stop routes for multiple delivery drivers and optimize for the fastest most efficient route easily. Dispatch, track and optimize delivery routes in seconds. Sign up for a quick demo of our software today. 

Software as a service (Saas)

Our Saas framework allows us to continually update our software, which is available from anywhere.

Customizable technology

We work with your team to customize our solutions to your unique company workflows.

Fully Integrateable

Our last mile delivery software can integrate directly into your ERP, eCommerce or management system.

Full Reporting Suite

Track, monitor and analyze data in our full suite of reports. Build custom reports easily.

Last Mile Route Optimizing

Build your delivery routes in real-time. Optimize routes with one click of a button. Add and remove stops easily.

Automated Dispatching

Dispatch your drivers easily by creating schedules and recurring routes. Automation that creates efficiency.

In-house support & training

Our award-winning, in-house customer support and training team is available 24/7  for you.

Easy-to-use software

Our solutions are deployed easily without the need to download any hardware or software.

“Elite EXTRA’s solutions are truly innovative, and their ability to integrate into business processes in multiple business verticals results in true business value. Innovative products and innovative applications of these products: that is Elite EXTRA.”

Stephen Sigg | General Motors

“We have found the Elite EXTRA program to make dispatching considerably more efficient with improved delivery performance and customer service. The combination of GPS tracking and easy driver routing and tracking have made the dispatcher’s job much easier.”

Rick Bullard | Fast Undercar

“After training a variety of personnel, I am confident that Elite EXTRA provides the most user friendly and intuitive dispatching and routing software available. The learning curve for users seems to be rapid; independent of age, experience or program knowledge.”

Travis Bickel | Factory Motor Parts

Don’t just take our word for it

Here are what some of our customers say about us. We take pride in making sure every single customer get’s the same respect and service level and we will do the same for you!

Return on investment has been realized

“…Our return on investment has been realized by accurately tracking transfers between two markets, eliminating dead hauls back to the point of origin, and greatly reducing the number of overlapping routes and multiple delivery stops at a single customer.”

John Figueira

Parts Manager, Autonation, Mercedes-Benz Stevens Creek

Game Changer

“EXTRA has been a game changer for us when it comes to effectively meeting the delivery expectations of our customers. The ability to track our deliveries in real time and be proactive in solving a potential problem rather than reacting after the fact has been huge…”

Ryan Samuels

Vice President, Buy Wise Auto Parts

Primary source for all our transportation needs

“Elite EXTRA has become our primary source for all our transportation needs. The company has been amazing at helping us be flexible with our various different service offerings. Courier Management allows OnWay to exceed our customers’ business demands and expectations and gives us a leg up in some of our markets.

Lance D. Roberts

COO, Onway Transport

Frequently Asked Questions Before Investing in a Multi-Stop Route Planning Software


Q: What is a multi-stop routing planning software?
A: Multi-stop route planning software software helps businesses gain efficiencies through building and optimizing delivery routes. Our software helps you build a delivery route by building a sequence of delivery stops and optimizing them for the most efficient route. This helps reduce wasted delivery down time and wasted mileage and fuel expenses.

Q: How much does a route planning software cost?
A: Pricing at Elite EXTRA is different for each customer. What doesn’t change is how we bill. We offer a month to month billing solution so you can start and stop at any time. Our pricing quotes will depend on how many locations you plan to dispatch your drivers from as well as the number of delivery drivers using the software. We do not bill based on number of deliveries.

Q: How does a multi-stop route planning software make deliveries more efficient?
A: Multiple stop route planning software helps businesses reduce time by optimizing the best multi-stop delivery route. Our software will determine the best route based on time and miles by locating the most efficient route. Our route planning software will find routes that bypass road delays and routes that will impact time.

Q: Does your route planning software have the ability to change a multi-stop route?
A: Absolutely. Our multi-stop route planning software gives you the most efficient route based on our mapping. However, if you find that you want to change a route based on customer demands, simply drag and drop the delivery order to the spot in the delivery route that you choose.

Q: Can I reroute multi-stop delivery routes on the fly?
A: Yes you can. Routes that are current dispatched to a driver can still be re-routed in real-time. Your drivers will get a notification that a delivery or a route has been changed.

Q: What types of businesses use your multi-stop route planning software?
A: Elite EXTRA currently works with over 50 different industries including companies in multiple different countries. Our software is currently being used by automotive dealers, lumber companies, blood delivery services and so many more. Request a free demo to see our route planning software in action.


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